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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Nintendo DS Lite: Bonding with Strangers

Happy CANADA DAY to everyone back home! Please celebrate on my behalf by: eating bacon, drinking maple syrup/beer, and playing/watching hockey! :) Last year I attended a "Canada Day" party at Devante's house, but it was actually a surprise retirement party for her dad! Man, time flies...

Before I arrived in South Korea, I had purchased a Nintendo DS Lite in Canada. So far, I've been addicted to my Nintendo and playing it whenever I have a spare moment. One of the best features of the DS is the wireless feature which enables you to connect with other players who also have a DS. Every since the DS Lite was released in South Korea in the early spring of this year, I've seen the number of DS units grow at an exponential rate (many kids at work have them). Nintendo has sold over 42,000,000 units (yes, 42 million!) worldwide since the DS was introduced in 2004!

Sooo...after always spotting people playing their DS Lites on the subway, I decided to start bringing my DS with me so I could ask other people to play (especially on days when I'm doing filming for online lessons--I have to travel 1.5hrs one way to Yatap Station, southwest of Seoul).

This weekend I played Mario Kart versus three random people on two separate occasions on the subway. How did I ask them to play? I just asked "hey do you want to play Mario Kart?" or gave them a nudge to acknowledge that I also had a DS with Mario Kart. Faster than you can say ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, I was tearing up the tracks on the subway. One thing I need to be aware of is where I am because time flies when you're playing video games--I almost missed my stop today!

Here is a video from yesterday of me playing Mario Kart versus some random dude on the subway. Since it was history in the making I made Devante take a quick video of this glorious moment in time:

I've played Mario Kart with students at work during break times before--that's when they learned that teacher Gdog is the ultimate champion, just like this fellow! Muahahaha!

If you haven't heard, Nicole Kidman is now advertising for Nintendo! Check her out playing Brain Age 2 (she's not good at paper, rock, scissors):

Anyone else out there with a DS? My Mario Kart friend code is: 356583 661890; add me and we can setup a time to play. George Bailey, are you ready?


Leo said...

Wow! Considering Canada has only a population of 33 million, there are more Nintendo DS's in the world than Canadians.

Gdog said...

I never thought of it that way, but you are correct. Man, Nintendo is sure having a great year...the Wii, the DS Lite...they are now worth more than Sony!

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

I'm ready!!! I just entered your friend code. I haven't had a chance to play lately so this could be a lot of fun. My friend code is 528371773512
See you online later?

Gdog said...

Cool, I've entered your code too. I am off to work and you guys are off to bed soon. If you're online in 11 hours, send me an email!!

Catherine said...

I just bought one, do you know where I can get english games in Seoul? They all seem to be in korean. Thanks.

Leslie and Thomas Crane said...

Hi. Nice post on the Nintendo DS. My husband and I just bought one today at Techno Mart in Gangbeyon. Do you find that there's a shortage of English games? Or do you know somewhere we can get something besides Mario Kart, Super Mario and Tetris? I want Brain Age but I'm afraid I'm going to have to order it online.

Thanks for any input!

Gdog said...

I bought my games before I came to Korea, in particular Brain Age and Super Mario Kart. You guys can try going to Yongsan to find more English games. I have seen them there, but they are priced around 40,000w per game. I also know at Yongsan, you can buy a special DS cartridge called a "cart solution". With this, you can download games off the internet to "try them before you buy" for free, and drag and drop them onto the memory card. However, this solution is on the verge of piracy. Try to ask around Yongsan! The cart is called the R4 or M3 Simply. Good luck. ;)

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