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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Our Final Trip to TGI Friday's

Ahh, there's nothing better than eating a western meal at a large American restaurant chain. In South Korea, TGI Friday's, along with Bennigan's, Black Angus, and Outback are the major steak house chains (don't forget the 10% auto-gratuity added to your bill). There is a TGI Friday's in the same building as our work. We've been there about 3-4 times during our time in Seoul. Today would mark our last visit to this TGI Friday's location, notorious for its lack of food consistency! What was in store today? Let's find out!

I usually order the Friday's Burger, a monstrous bacon and cheeseburger (Australian beef) served with fries. However, when I tried to order the burger for lunch today, I was told they were all out! I was quite flabbergasted considering the restaurant was empty. So, naturally I chose another dish and ended up with their crispy chicken salad. Devante opted for the fail safe chicken quesadilla. Let's take a look at our lunch today, shall we?

Here is my salad--as you can see I received a lot of chicken! I was a happy camper. :)

When I saw these cups, I thought we were getting soup as "service"...oh, how naive of me to think that. Turns out, what you see below is the dressing for my salad! Hot bacon and honey mustard dressing. I had enough dressing here for 10+ salads!

Devante's chicken quesadilla looked killer. This thing was jam packed--along with the two kinds of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole, she was also a happy camper this afternoon:

I'm always looking for something interesting that I can take a picture of. I noticed the napkin here was one of the largest napkins I've ever used. Unfolded, it can also act as a face cloth or a beach towel:

Remember how the TGI Friday's burger was unavailable? Well, after our meal our waitress offered us coffee as "service". We gladly obliged but I asked for a bit more--I wanted some ice cream! She told me that we would have to pay for that, but I kindly reminded her with a smile that the TGI Friday's burger was "op sohy yo", or unavailable. She smiled, giggled a little bit and then returned with the following dish as part of our "service". 아 싸! Sweet, sweet, glorious VICTORRRYYYYYYYYY!!

Do you have any good "service" stories to tell? By the way, this post is in fact true, as the following actually took place at TGI Friday's and NOT Costco (some readers think I live at Costco--it's not true!).


Anonymous said...

Way to get the free ice cream! LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is some way get some free ice cream!Haha!

I only got to eat at TGI Friday's here in the Philippines once. I found it rather bland. I think it's because we're so used to eating such savory foods laden with MSG. or not. :-)

Gary said...

That's it, when I'm visiting the Philippines I'm giving you a call!

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