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Monday, 9 July 2007

Pepero Sticks Can't Take the Heat

If you're coming over to teach English in Korea, get ready for Pepero Day, which falls on November 11th. Pepero is virtually the same as Pocky (but don't mention that to your students, as some of them are sensitive towards all things Japan). Anyways, I've been posting about the weather here in Seoul that has been warming up and how to deal with it. I received lots of comments and even suggestions on what one should do to cope with the heat.

Speaking of coping with the heat, you know it's hot in Seoul when your Pepero chocolate comes melted, resulting in one large clump of chocolate covered sticks--and that's from a vending machine! These poor packs of Pepero probably felt the wrath of the sticky weather during transport in the back of a truck.

Anyways, one of the kids in my Tuesday/Thursday classes, Jenny, always shows up early. She lives five minutes away so she just comes early to hang out. I told Jenny that if she was willing to go to the vending machine on the second floor (where TGI Friday's is located) to buy me Pepero, I would buy her a box too. So I handed her 1400w ($1.40) and off she went! Jenny's cute because she is so tiny (one day she'll break the 4 ft barrier). Her neck cramps when she is sitting at the front row and has to look up to see me (I'm about 6'2")! Her doctor has recommended that she sit in the back row--to avoid pain in the future and to get away from her crazy teacher.

So here we are, opening up our boxes of Pepero only to find this...a giant clump stuck together!

Just because they are melted and stuck together, that cannot stop the wrath of Gdog's hunger pangs. A few monster-sized bites and it was game over for this package of Pepero!

Any Pocky or Pepero fans out there? I used to buy Pocky in Chinatown when I was younger. How about you?


Anonymous said...

I love Pocky, have you tried the orange one? It good, tastes like the ice cream, half-orange-half vanilla in those little cups with the wooden spoons. Have you tired the green tea, grape, apple etc? So many good flavors; too bad most of them are over sea. Oh, What about the kinds you dip into the frosting? I believe they’re called YanYan, those are good, not many flavors tho.

Anonymous said...

I love Pocky.. and Yan Yan too.. they taste better than other brands. Tried Pepero, not to my liking.
Glico has another brand - Rocky - in Malaysia. The products are the same as Pocky. Only a different name. But Pocky still the best.

Gary said...

anonymous: I have not tried orange, unfortunately! I have tried chocolate and strawberry, and most of the savory flavors. As for YanYan, those are really good too!

althea: hey thanks for commenting! Yeah, Pocky definitely has a better taste and more flavors. Rocky...what a name!

Anonymous said...

I love Pocky Dark

And that Pepero lump was hillarious!

Eunice said...

I stage my protest of the sex discrimination by eating men's pocky. Thanks for your tips. Am visiting Korea for the first time in a few years and your blog has been quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

haha...so true....I bought pepero sticks today while walking to my apartment which was not a good idea. It became all clumped and messy. It's so funny to read this after going through the same thing today.
I love your blog!! I read it before I came to Seoul and I still read it while in Seoul.

Gary said...

Thanks for the comments everyone...seems like the consensus is that Pocky rocks Pepero!

anonymous: LOL...that is funny that you had the same experience! No Pepero is safe in this weather!

Anonymous said...

Pocky are the best. I used one of them to bribe my 2 and a half year old to eat his vegetables. Works every time.

Thanks for the vid of the dept store. Makes me wish to be there and just people watch.

Orchid said...

I am from Malaysia and is used to Rocky (it comes in Chocolate or Strawberry). I absolutely love this snack.

Recently, i went to a Korean mini market and found Pepero! Of course i had to buy and try it. It is twice the price of a box of Rocky though. Pepero is nice. Not as sweet and more chocolaty. But i shall have to stick to Rocky due to the price difference. :-)

I have not tried Pocky. It somes in a milk flavour too right? I think it would be expensive too since it is from Japan.

imoet said...

last year I bought HUGE pepero as a gift for my niece in Japan on the Pepero Day. It was 50 cms length!!

And yeah....I like pocky more than pepero :p

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