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Monday, 23 July 2007

Staying at the Best Western Niagara Hotel in Seoul

My hands can barely stop shaking right now. Why? It's because of my internet withdrawal over the past few days! My Gmail inbox was over flowing with emails from family, friends, blog comments, and facebook notifications (ahh, facebook, the ultimate time waster).

Anyways, the last time I posted it was from work. Today is our LAST day of work! It's the last day of the month so not much will be happening. Of course I'll be doing my job, but since it's summer vacation for my students, it might turn into a free for all. Yesterday I had pizza parties for all three of my classes (they deserved it after putting up with Gdog for 7 months!). In the past couple of days, we've closed our bank accounts, went to the pension office to setup our refund, and cancelled our cellphone (hand-pone). I'll make posts about these in the future.

Today, I'm going to rant and rave about the Best Western Niagara Hotel we were put up in last Wednesday and Thursday night. This hotel was located in Omokgyo and it sure was nice. We didn't expect anything fancy since work was paying for it. However, once we arrived we were definitely impressed!

Here is our boss helping us check into our hotel. She took us to the hotel after work on Friday night to make sure everything was right. She's been very helpful throughout our time here in Korea (she's gonna hate me for posting up her picture--SURPRISE!!):

We checked into the hotel without any problems and proceeded up to the tenth floor. Here is a picture our room. To our surprise, we were happy to see a king-sized bed, a clean washroom with a tub, and a nice LCD TV:

I thought the sink was pretty cool, especially coming from a Best Western!

Here's the TV with full cable...but of course, we only watched the Starcraft game channels--NOT!

Two robes were waiting for us in the closet...I don't remember the last time I wore a robe. Anyways, after taking a shower (which actually had water pressure) and jumping into one of these things I was a happy camper:

I thought this was a nice touch. Most of the hotels back home make you pay for bottled water (after strategically placing it on the table within your sight) but here, it was complimentary:

Here's the view from our window. You can see the Anyangcheon, which is part of the Han River:

So there you have it, our hotel for two nights. It was awesome staying in such a nice hotel, as we felt as if we were tourists. The next morning, we had the breakfast buffet which I'll post about later. Right now, it's 1:30pm on Tuesday and we're still rearranging our luggage. Since there are no scales at work, I'm going to roll my huge suitcases down to Hyundai Fitness Gym and use theirs for free! Our flight home leaves early tomorrow evening. My next post will be from my home back in Canada. Talk to you then!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a nice journey and arrive safe.

Thanks for the info on the hotel, I may try it next time I'm in Seoul (sure beats a yongwan, you got me at "closet")

Can't wait for the pictures of the buffet :)

Jon Allen said...

Hi Gdog.
It was great to meet you on Sunday.

I've walked past the Niagra hotel before and wondered why the name. It was only when I got home and looked at the map that I realised there is an artificial waterfall opposite. Did you see it?

I hope you have a comfortable flight home.

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to end your time in Korea. Hotel looks great. Hope you decided to keep posting Korea stories after your return to Canada!

Anonymous said...

I stumble on your site/blog while checking out kimchi and started to read most of your blog. It's really cool. I visited Seoul a few months back but only had time to see NamDaemon Market. Your boss is really cuuuuuuuuuta!!! hehehe.

Unknown said...

HOw funn y that I should stumble by this site today at the with a belly full of kimchi (went out for some bulgogi here in London). I have some friends from WIsconsin teaching in S. Korea too! Love your site! You should totally add a brag badge to get more vote. The codes available at the same place where your readers can go to vote for this site! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you never know what type of quality you're going to get when staying at hotels (even if they're in the same chain), but that Best Western looks like it was a hit, and definitely better than any Best Western that I've stayed at here in the United States!

Brandon Watts
Criteo Evangelist

Gary said...

I'm home now everybody!! :)

eliza: I will be sure to post pictures, you know they are coming!

Jon: It was great meeting you too, Jon. I saw an artificial waterfall inside the hotel, that was about it. We made it home safe. :)

Dave: thanks for visiting! I will keep the posts going!

Anonymous: Thanks for visiting, I'm going to email my boss and tell her that! :)

Orchid said...

Hi Gdog,

I bet it must be great to go home...but will you miss Seoul?

Gary said...

Hi Orchid, thanks for the message. Yes, it's fabulous to be home, but of course I miss the friends I've made in Seoul. The pace of life here has slowed down a lot...too slow actually!! ;)

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