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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Watch TV Soon with Beyond the Rhetoric

Everybody knows by now that I'm a sucker for contests. I've entered a few contests in the past, one was to win a Nintendo Wii and most recently, was my entry into Stephen Fung's USB drive giveaway (which I won!). Anyways, contests are a great way to generate some traffic and publicity for your website. Now, the freelance writing of Michael Kwan has come up with a new contest giveaway: a nifty USB TV tuner!

Entering these contests is part of being involved with the interesting world of blogging. Here's a picture of Beyond the Rhetoric in my Google Reader:

The contest ends July 1st and is open worldwide. So head over to Michael's interesting blog if you want a chance to win. Let's see if my luck will carry on...unlike these frogs who are destined for the kitchen (I apologize for all those frog lovers out there! picture taken from my recent trip to Hong Kong):


Unknown said...

I don't know why people eat frog...it's not even that good. If you're going to eat something that looks weird, it damn well better taste awesome like...say...geoduck or sea urchins.

Gary said...

I've had frog legs before, and it does taste like chicken. Other than that, I'll stick to eating cow stomach, durian, and chicken feet.

Michael Kwan said...

Frog legs = yes
Frog body and head = no

Do they actually eat the whole frog in HK?

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