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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Around the Blogs Update

I apologize for the delay, but yesterday I made a trip out to Surrey, BC, to help my best friend paint his new pad. I just got back tonight and I'm dead tired. Nevertheless, I thought I'd make a post about what has caught my interest lately in the world of Korean blogs. Let's take a look, shall we?

How to Build a Street in Korea - If you've lived in Korea, or are currently residing in the ROK, this will get you a cheap laugh, because it's true!

The Stranger in Suwon (Eva) has an interesting blog post on Sexuality and the Military Service.

ROK Drop has more info about the Korean hostage crisis (day 25) in Afghanistan.

Campus couples, as captured by Feet Man Seoul.

Excellent questions to ask employers on teaching in Korea for those interested, answered by lao-ocean girl!

Korean sliced raw fish, also known as Hui, as told by ZenKimchi

I will leave you with some more crazy Omuto Tomato omurice food porn (this one's a keeper):

Have you noticed anything interesting of late out there in the blogosphere?


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