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Monday, 27 August 2007

Back from Osoyoos - Desert Wine Country

Hey everyone, I'm back from Osoyoos, also known as "Desert Wine Country". I'm also dead tired from the 5+ hour drive home to Vancouver so tonight I'm going to leave you with a brief preview of my trip there. Did I mention brief? Anyways, enjoy these couple of pictures and expect a full update tomorrow and the next. Goodnight!

Sunsent in Osoyoos:

You expected a picture of food, right? This is my dinner from last night: BBQ'd rib eye steak with spaghetti, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, and garlic toast. I was in "Desert Wine Country" and I didn't even have wine with my steak--go figure:

On a side note, remember my recent post about City Hall and how there's always something to see? Well, turns out we were being stalked at the same time, by a couple of Korean bloggers over at seoulitary confinement! Remember this picture I took, showing this crazy couple trying on the masks and taking pictures? Well, these two are the notorious scoundrels behind seoulitary confinement!

They posted a picture of us on their blog, claiming how we exposed their "undercover" assignment. This wasn't our first run in with these guys (when you're on top everybody wants to bring you down, lol). They didn't even come up to us to say "HI!"--creepy! Anyways, whenever you two read this, thanks for the shout out and oh--don't forget to take your medication on the hour, every hour. Good luck and keep on posting! :)


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