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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Campus Couples Yet Again...and Mirrors

To my fellow American readers, Happy 4th of July (and happy birthday to Doug)!

Here we go again. If you haven't seen my posts about them already, campus couples are out in full effect now that the weather is heating up. I am still debating as to whether or not Devante and I will try this out, for pictures sake (actually, there is no discussion!). The following photo was a first for me: seeing a couple literally dressed the same from head to toe. Check out their jeans and their Nike shoes (this was taken on the way back from Christina Aguilera):

This campus couple shot was taken on the weekend...they were waiting to get on the subway. I wasn't sure if they were sporting the same tshirts until I stood behind them. Low and behold, the shirts were matching! You can see a Mickey Mouse outline with the text, "released in 1935, for the best condition," which means...umm...just what does that mean? Ah, the joys of Korean fashion! :)

I mentioned this before, but here we go again. There are mirrors EVERYWHERE in this city as people are very conscious about how they look. In all subway stations there are huge full length mirrors near the gates--so you can check out your hair or to see if you have some kimchi stuck in your teeth. Look closely and you can see both myself and Devante in the reflection (sorry for the blurred photo, I had to pull the trigger fast while I was walking):

Now here's your random shot of the day...who loves sausage (taken inside the Hyundai Department Store)?


Leo said...

The couple wanna make me puke, but the sausages look great. You sure you weren't in Costco again?

Amanda said...

I once saw a middle school couple in their school uniforms. They had matching shoes, that's how I knew they were together.

The scary thing is that the matching doesn't seem limited to people still in school...

I recently started dating a guy (long enough that he's my boyfriend, but short enough that 'boyfriend' still doesn't come off the tongue well after being single for over a year). I said, "I am never dressing like you."

"I think that's stupid. I don't want to dress like you either."

Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

hm...sausages...YUMMY!! ^^
The 2nd couple looks very cute with their same mickey mouse shirt.

Jas said...

Just wanted to say HI! and that I've been enjoying all your insider posts on Korea. Really interesting drama going on sometimes huh.
Please keep them coming, and hope you're having a great 4th of July over there!
Cheers, jas

Gdog said...

Leo: people walk around stuffing sausage in their mouths all day--it's a sausage-fest.

And FYI, of course I was in Costco, that is my home away from home whenever my stomach grumbles!

amanda: come on, don't fight it, just do it. You know you want to dress the same!

anonymous: I agree, the tshirts kinda cool being mickey mouse and all...but still...

Leo said...

A sausage-fest! I'm soo there!
Oh! . . . Um, I mean . . . LOOK! A UFO!

delisho24 said...

I wonder what happens if i wear my pink summer dress and i want him to copy me...would he wear a pink summer dress and heels????? now that would be interesting....

Gdog said...

If I see that, you know I'll be posting about it here!

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