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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Closing Our Bank Accounts and Cellphones in Korea

So today takes place on the last day of work--it just so happened that today was the day we would be canceling our bank accounts and our cellphone. Our work has been right on the ball with processing our payments--they have been on time every month (which is a good thing). My boss even showed us the amount that would be deposited a few days beforehand so we could verify that it was indeed correct (severance bonus + sick day bonus).

First things first, we checked out of the Ohmokgyo COOP Residence and took a cab to work. Dropped off our stuff and then started walking to the Wooribank at Mokdong station. Here, we did some final banking transactions (E.G. taking out some extra Won to last us for the next; we need to eat-- and maybe money for the duty free at Incheon International).

Here is our banker 유 경 helping us once again. Her English is very good and she's nice to deal with too. She supplied me with toothpaste for the last six months. So get to know your banker and you can have free toothpaste too! Right here, she's probably thinking "why the *bleep* are you taking a picture of me?!":

Closing our accounts took about 10 minutes and was relatively easy--it helps when you can communicate with each other! ...and here are our bank cards after being cut up! Nooooooo!

So once that was done we headed over to the KTF cellphone store next door. This lad helped us cancel our pay as you go cellphone plan. Learn more about buying a cellphone here:

After canceling our cellphone and bank accounts, I had to say farewell to one more special person in Korea--this fruit guy. What makes him so special? Well, he likes to sleep on the job and shoo you away if you try to wake him--for the purpose of giving him money! One time I tried to buy some mandarin oranges off of him...but he was sleeping. I tried to call him to wake him up, but he just waved his hands at me to go away! Another lady tried to get him up too but to no avail. It's like his wife drops him off here for 10 hours a day...and he gets revenge by snoozing the day away--best of luck in the future, my friend!


John from Daejeon said...

When you closed out your bank account, did you just wire the money to your bank in Canada, or did you need a wheel barrow to hall all those won onto the plane with you? How did you work it out. I'm very curious as I use Wooribank too.

Gdog said...

Well, the wheelbarrow didn't fit in the door, so I had to stuff my won into a hockey bag. ;)

I wired the money home, without a problem. :)

Stephanie's News said...

Do you know if they charge you for having an account? And is it possible to close an account from abroad? Thanks!

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