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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Flying from Vancouver to Victoria...Almost Home!

If you're still following my blog, and you've had some time to catch up on our adventure home, right now we had just had our first meal back in Canada. After a brief binge-fest in Richmond, we were dropped off again at YVR to take a 15 minute flight to Vancouver (our flight was paid for by work of course). Here we are aboard our Air Canada Jazz flight (the cabin is small). The steward was eating pineapple just before we were about to take off--and he didn't even share!

I managed to take a quick video of our plane taking off (and the landing gear operating) for all you aviation fanatics...check it out:

Can you guess what this picture is?

It's the BC Ferries terminal in Tsawwassen, which we would have had to take if we weren't flying. That would involve lugging our heavy ass bags to the ferries, which would involve renting a van or finding someone with a truck. Flying is just so much easier and faster!

This little white speck is a BC ferry...it looks like the Spirit of Vancouver Island to me!

After being greeted at the airport by Devante's brother and a few of my close buddies, it was off to my parents' place for our first home cooked meal! Check out this picture from our front balcony--the space, the greenery, wow!

You can't beat mom and grandma's good 'ol Chinese home cookin! We have some fried fish at the top, greens from the garden, bbq pork, steamed soft tofu, and free range chicken:

So there you have it...that was our trip home after teaching English in Korea for one year (and a week)! I still have lots of stories and information to tell about Korea, so be sure to stay tuned. Tomorrow I'm heading to Osoyoos till Sunday, so the blog will be on a bit of a break until then. I'm going to enjoy as much sunshine as I can get. Adios, amigo!


Ed Lau said...

Drop by Richmond on a Saturday and join us for Dot Com Pho!

Sunkyoung said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. And I hope you are enjoying 'being back home.' Most of people who'd stayed in Korea for a while said that they felt so good and comfortable to be back home, especially without being bumped into anyone on streets and subways, but soon they started missing some parts of Korea.

I'll take some time to read your posts about your lives in Korea.

lynnocaine said...

planning to go Korea for a holiday and chanced upon your site.. Great Blog! :))

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