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Friday, 17 August 2007

Flying On Board Air Canada: Seoul to Vancouver

So after some duty free shopping at the Incheon International Airport, it was time to board our Air Canada flight from Seoul to Vancouver. We had a window/aisle seat to ourselves and after finally sitting down in our seats, we wondered "where did the year go?!" So for everybody that just arrived in Korea to teach English, take advantage of your weekends to explore the city and to get out there and do stuff. Your one year contract is going to flash before your eyes!

We tried to spend all of our remaining Korean Won at the airport. So I decided on a pre-flight snack. How about some ice cream? Sounds like a plan to me! Overpriced Haagen Dazs? Sure, why not? After taking a look at my options, I went with this ice cream bar...

...instead of these individual ice cream cups. Can you say freezer burn?! In the words of Gordon Ramsay, "I wouldn't even serve this to a PIG!"

After flying on Emirates to Dubai and Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, riding aboard Air Canada was truly painful. However, I was surprised at the leg room that was available and the food was decent (that means edible). What really sucked was the one TV screen in the middle that was fuzzy and hard to watch:

Here we are flying high above the clouds...a spectacular sight:

Shortly after getting into the air, we were given choices for dinner! I went with the "chicken" and Devante chose the "beef". Here is what accompanied our main course: a salad with smoked salmon and olives (it was REALLY good), bottled water, cake, a bun, and...KIMCHI!

Here's the chicken...looks appetizing, right? Errr...yeah...it was very salty:

I told you the salad was amazing right? Well, in front of us were two Korean boys eating. I noticed one kid had finished but left his salad untouched. Hey, my grandma always told me not to waste food, so I asked the kid if I could have his salad! He was quick to oblige and gave me his salad! Ahh saahh!! Thanks, kid!

That salad was delicious...so delicious that I decided to double-dip and ask his friend for his salad too. Let's take a look at what happens:

Okay, so I was royally shut down, but hey, you gotta give me credit for trying. Being greedy is never a good thing!

The cabin was very noisy at the start of the flight, but slowly became quiet. Here we are flying over some mountains in BC on our way to Vancouver:

One way for a smooth flight (and landing) is to take advantage of free rum and Coke!

Next up, I'll show you our first meal after landing in Vancouver! Oh man, all I have to say is that the food in Richmond is incredible! Anyone else out there love (or hate) Air Canada?


John said...

Are you back in Vancouver? Dot Com Pho time!

jeffkee said...

I actually didn't mind Air Canada when I moved from Korea to Canada couple years back.

The food was alright, but they didn't serve me booze obviously cause I was a minor.

Leo said...

How'd you manage the free booze?

Gdog said...

John: I am going to be in Vancouver for a solid chunk of time now. Tell me when and where for Dot Com Pho!!

jeffkee: Our Air Canada flight to Korea wasn't bad...but this flight back to Vancouver had a crew that was just plain old and bitter! Boo on them!

leo: when you're a baller like me, you can command free alcohol, LOL!! It was just complimentary...so I guess that's a good thing. :)

daeguowl said...

I want to ask how far the Costco you used to frequent is from the nearest subway station (Yangchon-guchong)

Gdog said...

If you're asking about Yangcheon Station, then the nearest station is Yeungdeungpo-gu Office. It's about a 10-15 minute walk to the station.

Chris said...

daeguowl - I wrote some directions to that Costco by subway on my blog back in April. I had a hard time finding directions on the web.


I have since visited them by car, and let me say that finding their parking lot entrance is quite a challenge!

Natasha said...

Hey! I just got back to Vancouver 3 days ago but I flew China Airlines.
Welcome home!
Now I must catch up on your blog -- I've missed 7.5 weeks of it!

Gdog said...

natasha: welcome home!!

chris: yeah, you gotta love parking elevators!

Anonymous said...

dude you have a hawaiian accent

Anonymous said...

danggggggg your korean is good!

Gdog said...

anonymous: lol, I never knew I had a Hawaiian accent before! ;)

anonymous: it's not that good, but it can get me free food!

Sunkyoung said...

Haha - I'm sorry that you didn't make it to have the second free salad. But nice try!

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