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Monday, 27 August 2007

Osoyoos Weather is HOT HOT HOT!

Our five day "holiday" in Osoyoos was a very relaxing one. The reason we went there was to help my brother setup his new recreational pad on Osoyoos Lake. Osoyoos is located on the BC-Washington State border, and is the only desert in Canada. Yes, that's right folks, this climate makes the weather in Osoyoos very HOT! Osoyoos Lake has average summer temperatures of 24°C (75°F) and this hot weather in Osoyoos brings a large number of retirees and vacationers.

We started our journey in the morning from Vancouver. I was with my brother in a Budget Rent-A-Truck packed to the brim, while my sister and Devante cruised comfortably in my bro's BMW, while we made the journey in a loud diesel engine beast. The drive to Osoyoos takes roughly 5 hours, albeit it's a very scenic drive indeed. Here we are driving alongside a mountain's edge:

So after a few pit stops to relieve ourselves and munching on snacks for hours on end (Spitz Sunflower seeds make a great time waster, especially when you spit the shells along the floor of your rent-a-truck, muahaha), we finally made it to "Desert Wine Country" and the hot weather of Osoyoos. Here is our approach into town, as you can see Osoyoos Lake and the town itself:

A fountain in the heart of Osoyoos:

396km to Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean, and 730km to Calgary, Alberta. Who wants to go on a road trip?

Here is Lake Osoyoos from the private beach front of property. This lake is supposed to be very warm...time to put it to the test...

...we made it into the water, and it was relatively warm but still a wee bit chilly. The cool thing about Osoyoos Lake is that it is very shallow--from where we are standing we were able to walk all the way to the dock in the background!

Here was our view for the next couple of hours, to dry off after a quick dip in the lake. The weather in Osoyoos is definitely hot! It was about 30°C on the first day there.

Of course, after unloading that huge Budget truck and hauling beds up stairs along with couches and dressers, we decided to head out for dinner. We ended up at Diamond Greek Restaurant, along the main strip of town. I had the Beef Souvlaki which was served with tzatziki and pita, Greek salad, lemon potato and rice (which was covered in copious amounts of canola oil and butter--which made it super delicious and tasty, just what I needed for my waistline).

So that's about it for the first part of our trip to Osoyoos. Have you been to Osoyoos before? How did you like it there?


Dave said...

Average summer temps of 24 degrees Celsius is HOT? I need to move to Canada...

In Indianapolis where I live, we had 2 straight weeks of 32 degrees celsius or higher, every day. And that's still in the northern part of the US.

Gdog said...

Dave: I meant to say the lake has average temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius! ;) In parts of Canada it also gets blazing hot in the summer too. But in Osoyoos the desert heat makes it even hotter.

Dave said...

Ah, well that sounds nice for lake temps. :) I bet it was comfortable for a swim.

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