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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Playing Bumper Bodies in Seoul

Okay so the previous post I had a video of me walking down the street holding Devante's hand bag to avoid people. That worked like a charm I must say. Anyways, to truly show you how much bumpage can occur in the busy areas of Seoul, check out the following video I dug up from my picture and video archive. I like to call the following activity "Bumper Bodies," a variation of "Bumper Tanks" for those with good memories.

This video takes place walking through Myeongdong during a busy Saturday. I held a shopping bag in front of my body and filmed the bag getting hit and bumped as I walked down the street. Sure, some may blame me for not moving too, but just take a look at the beating my bag takes and how many people just stop in front of me and don't move, hehe!

I have some more priceless videos that I will be posting later on--videos that made me giggle like a little school girl after watching them again and again, hee hee hee (insert Homer Simpson)!


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