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Friday, 10 August 2007

Samsung SPH-W2400 Cell Phone: Only 630,000w!

I've posted about the awesome cellphones in Korea before. Live TV on your cellphone is pretty kick ass. So while I'm canceling my cellphone inside the KTF Show store, I was curious as to what was the most expensive phone at the moment. The dude helping me showed me the phone I was looking for afterwards: a Samsung SPH-W2400 cell phone.

Naturally, with its multimedia capabilities, such as DMB, 2MP camera, MP3 player, MicroSD slot, TV out, Bluetooth, and more, this phone will be on the top of many "must have phones" by students! This is a HSDPA phone so that means a compatibility with

Here is the inside of the store...

...and here is a fellow with mommy getting his first cell phone! He must've gotten straight A's to deserve this! I was surprised this young lad wasn't in an academy, hehe. Why can't North America adopt text messages for 3 cents each and free incoming calls with pay-as-you-go plans?!

Here's the SPH-W2400 next to its brochure--along with the hand of the guy helping me (he should be cutting his nails):

...this is for some closer inspection of the phone itself. As for the price tag... a whopping 630,000w ($700USD)!

Here are some other phones in the display case. All phones here now are sliders...I used an old flip phone that did the job. There's no point in dropping a lot of money on a phone because you can only use it in Korea, with their own CDMA network. That is unless you buy phones that are GSM compatible, like the SPH-W2400 mentioned above!

Anyone out there reading Mtalk magazine? These were near the waiting area, basically gadget magazines explaining the latest cell phones and digital cameras:

More phone reviews and previews...I think I need to work on my Korean!

What cell phone are you using right now, and how much are you paying? I'm using my old Nokia 6230i with a Fido Pay-As-You-Go plan...I paid $30 for the Fido SIM off eBay, which included $25 of credit (the SIM itself costs $30+tax in stores). Right now I'm on a $1/day plan, which includes unlimited evenings and weekends (or for the same price I can have unlimited incoming calls--which would you choose?), caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling, and $0.30 cents a minute the rest of the time. The cool thing is there's no BS "system access fee" which is now almost $7-8...I think we need more cell phone competition in Canada!


daeguowl said...

You have to pay for incoming calls? What is that all about? Don't have to do that on P-A-Y-G in the UK...

Gdog said...

Tell me about it...it's pretty lame, and that's how these massive corporations steal my hard earned money! ;)

travelphilippines said...

wow what a fabulous cellphone. but sooo expensivo.

Anonymous said...

now you can (with hspda) take your new (and expensive) korean phone overseas =D

Jcalfat said...

I would have thought phones and plans would be cheaper over there compared to Canada/US given Samsung is in Korea?

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