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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Seoul City Hall: Always Something To See

One of my favorite places to check out in Seoul is the area around City Hall. There is always something interesting to see or something interesting going on. Prior to meeting Gi-Young (sorry for spelling your name wrong!) for lunch at The Place, we met up at the City Hall subway station.

Children playing in the public water fountain area:

The City Hall station can be accessed by either Line 2 (the green line) or Line 1 (dark blue). If you want to come out of the exit right in front of City Hall, you’ll have to walk to the exits near Line 1. Anyways, while we were waiting we noticed that there was a huge mosaic next to City Hall. There was construction going on (can somebody fill me in on what’s there right now?) and the outside of the perimeter mall was a cool mosaic of Seoul.

The mosaic featured the main attractions of Seoul, such as Seoul Tower, Namdaemun, Cheonggyecheon, City Hall, the National Assembly, and the 63 Building to name a few. It was part of Hi Seoul’s “Soul of Asia” campaign. Here's the 63 Building on the far right side:

A group of people were doing some sort of cultural dance with costumes and the whole nine yards. After they finished, they left their equipment neatly laid out to take a break. Then, right after some people came by to take pictures—but they started putting on the masks! I don’t know if that was normal or not, but I should’ve joined in on the fun! Check out this couple:

I should've put this mask on!

This religious group was taking up the entire sidewalk and we had to manouever past them. I wonder what they were praying or dancing for...

So...who can tell me what's beside City Hall now? Please excuse the formatting of this post, as I wrote it in Microsoft Word and then copied it and pasted it into Blogger. I will be enjoying my time in Vancouver until Tuesday!


neil sedaka said...

as usualy, we're running behind over here.


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