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Monday, 13 August 2007

Taking the Airport Bus to Incheon Airport from Mokdong Station

There are many ways to get to Incheon International Airport. You can now take the subway, taxi, or airport limousine (you can walk too, but that might take a while). I've taken cabs to Incheon before (think Hong Kong) and it's the most expensive choice. From Mokdong, which is in western Seoul, fare is about 40-50,000w ($40-50USD) one way. If you were to take a cab from anywhere else to Incheon, be prepared to pay a lot more.

Since we left the next day in the afternoon, we had time to take the airport limousine. This bus makes stops throughout Seoul and runs about every 30 minutes to an hour. The driver helps you load up your heavy suitcases (our ajoshi probably pulled a back muscle--more on that later) and the cost is about 8-9000w ($8-9USD--I forgot the exact amount). Total travel time from Mokdong was about 40-45 minutes.

The checked baggage allowance on Air Canada is 23kg (about 50lbs). As you can see below, after using the digital scales for free inside Hyundai Fitness, this bag was disgustingly overweight. I blame it on the suitcase itself, as it's big and heavy to begin with! D'oh! So I had to unload a whole bunch of clothes and some bedding sheets we were going to bring home. Even then, it was still overweight by 5kg!

Here's another bag that's overweight, this time only by 3kg. The overweight penalty is $35CDN for being 1-20kg over. So with four bags overweight that equals $140CDN...we were praying that we would luck out at the counter! Find out soon as to what happened!

Here's the airport bus sign that you should look for...you can't miss it:

We had to roll our bags to Mokdong Station from work--about 10 minutes in the humid summer weather. Not really the most enjoyable thing to do. I was able to coerce my boss into helping us get one of the counselors to drive two of our bags to the stop! Thanks!! :)

Everyone in Korea rides these mini bikes...I want one:

Inside the bus, it was nice and cool. Air conditioning and a LCD TV to boot...oh yeah!

So here we are, waiting to get off the bus. See these ajoshi cabbies doing the "Asian squat"? Well, remember to never take these black cabs, because they come at a premium price. I like to call them "baller" cabs:

Stay tuned next for more pics from Incheon, including what we had for our pre-flight meal! Have you taken the Airport Bus before?


Jon Allen said...

Last time we went to Incheon airport from Yeouido we were going to get the airport bus. It stops at the Lexington Hotel, BUT, only if you go into the hotel reception and tell them you will be taking the bus. They have to contact the bus company and let them know.

Knowing this already, we went in and told reception and sat down and waited outside at the bus stop. About 10 mins later a taxi wth 'airport' decals arrived. He convinced us with his limited English that it was the airport bus service. So we got in, assuming he would take us to the proper bus stop in Yeouido to drop us off to wait for the large bus. But no, he took the two of us all the way to the airport, for the price of the regular limo bus (13,500) !

We still can't figure out how or why, but we're not complaining.

Taking the limo bus in the past has been, as Gdog says, a very pleasant experience. It's non stop from Yeouido and only about 45 mins.

Taking the subway (line 5) to Gimpo and then getting the AREX train is cheaper, but it requires walking up and down a lot staircases.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure when I first arrived in S. Korea to take it to Daejeon. It was quite an experience when you know no one, or the language, and are ushered on a bus to who knows where and told to get off at the second stop in Daejeon. Also, I've never had to sit in assigned bus seating before. Luckily it worked out and my boss did show up a little late though.

On a sad note, I've lost a day and a half of home vacation time as my boss waited forever to purchase my tickets home. I was very upset for a while, but at least my boss purchased my airport bus tickets and will give me a lift to the station very early on my day of departure. However, I'm still bummed that I'll end up missing 5 meals cooked by my mom, aunts, sister, and brother.

Chris said...

I've taken that bus many times, and to the very same Mokdong station, too! The first time my colleague took the bus going TO the airport, not from, he freaked out. He knew to look for bus number 603. Well, a bus 603 came by and didn't stop! Furthermore, it turned and went the wrong direction! He called my in a panic, and I had a Korean friend call the bus company. Turns out what he saw was the local city bus 603, not the Airport bus 603. Talk about confusing. But I'm glad it was him and not me...

I've done the new train once, and I agree with jon allen above. Lots of stairs to navigate at the Gimpo station, not exactly suitcase friendly for those going on international travel with many (overweight) bags.

Once I had a trip to Osaka, and my state-side friend tole me the hotel was very close to the airport. I had a lot of bags that trip, and thinking it was close, I took a taxi. About an hour and $150 later, I arrived at the hotel! Turns out what he meant was it was a quick trip to the hotel if you took the train, not that the hotel was physically close! Since then, I'm extremely wary of taking a taxi to/from any airport.

Anonymous said...

I took the bus to (and from) Myongdong and was very happy with it. It is highly recommended.

Gary said...

jon: I agree that the limo bus is great in every aspect. I took the AREX back from my trip to HK, and I must say it is quite the ordeal to get down to the trains.

chris: tell me about the expensive taxi fare to and from the airport! That's one thing I wish I knew about before I got here.

eliza: glad it worked out for you too! :)

Anonymous said...

I left Seoul yesterday and took the airport limo bus from Edae. Funny, I actually checked 3 very heavy bags, and no airline ever made a fuss about that.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if you have a time, you can take a limousine to get to an airport. Certainly it's not so fast but comfortable. And there are so much space for your baggage. When I have an opportunity I try to hire a limousine.

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