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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Back from Tacoma, Washington

Wow, what a great weekend! So we're back after spending the past two days down in Tacoma and the surrounding area, shopping and eating Mexican food (I love Taco Bell). Oh, we also had a blast at the Justin Timberlake concert held at the Tacoma Dome! It's late and I'm dead tired, so I'm going to give you a snippet of the concert itself. More to come tomorrow!

Here's a video of JT performing "Like I Love You" to a very happy crowd (that was full of dressed up hoochie mamas and girls alike!):

A shot of the stage from our seats (we paid $48US+tax!):

At the end of the concert, Justin played his song "Dick in a Box" that he wrote for a Saturday Night Live skit. The funniest part about it was when he told the crowd that song just won an EMMY! In his words at the concert, "only in America!" Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet, in all its glory, the uncensored version--on the verge of NSFW (over 26.5 million views!):


Mrs J said...

oh gdog...i hope you were being facetious when you put the words "mexican" and "taco bell" in the same sentence! :-P

Gary said...

haha, okay well I did visit a Chipotle restaurant...which had real Mexican and not the Taco Bell stuff. More on that later though! It's just that Taco Bell in Canada sucks and is a lot more expensive.

Anonymous said...

i miss chipotle... used to get alot of those free burito coupons.

Mrs J said...

did you know mcdonald's owns chipotle? if you ever have a chance to visit texas, there's a place called freebird. awesome burritos - similar concept. i guess i'm just spoiled to the texas "mexican". but i'm glad you enjoyed your taco bell. :-)

Gary said...

mrs.j: really? That is very interesting...I did no know that! That's not fair you get texas "mexican"...I demand you ship me some ASAP!! ;)

Rachel Ann said...

OMG...that SNL video is hilarious.

I came across your blog through payperpost random 10 for the day. I am from Puyallup, WA...just minutes from the Tacoma Dome; however, I just moved to San Diego a month ago. Your blog is making me miss home!

Take Care...Rachel

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