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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dot Com Burgers Gone Wild at Feenie's

So you read about my Dot Com Pho with the guys at Pho Lan in Richmond, right? Well this time around, three days later I ended up reuniting with everyone again at Feenie's (which is located right next door to Lumiere--yes, I was there two days ago) after John asked a bunch of us to go eat $50 burgers. We all agreed--what were we thinking!!

The goal today was to experience the 100% Angus beef burger at Feenie's, which comes with fries or salad for about $16. I've had this burger before and it's darn good--served medium with cheese, mushrooms, and bacon, the Angus beef patty is so juicy and tender. However, we had previously decided at the Dot Com Pho last Saturday to load up on the fixins', such as pan seared foie gras and beef short ribs (which were conveniently hidden underneath the patty), bringing the total of this burger to under $60 after a 17% autograt!

Here's my burger, served with fries which also includes the various dips, such as a tasty mayo/fish sauce, dill mayo, and other fattening flavors to increase the calorie count:

"Iron Chef Rob Feenie has taken over $500 of my hard earned dollars in three days!"

This picture was taken by John's wife Sarah. From the left, you can see John Chow, Stephen Fung, part of Michael Kwan, Leo Chiang (the "Chi-Jew"), Ed Lau, yours truly, and Greg Morgan:

Asians love to take pictures with their cameras!!

Leo Chiang is happy to celebrate his Chi-Jew bar mitzvah at Feenie's with a $60 burger:

Just to show you how big this burger really was, check out this crop of Stephen Fung proudly posing with the burger next to his face. By the way, he's crazy because he opted for POUTINE to go along with his burger. Stephen, are you alive dude?? On top of that, he is one heck of an eater as he consumed his burger in about two minutes. I looked down, then looked up, and the next thing you know he was soaking up the juices on his bare plate with the complimentary bread!

...and here is the aftermath on my plate. The juices just absolutely drenched my hands, causing one big mess. The burger itself was just incredible. It was so juicy and each bite just melted in my mouth--who would've thought foie gras would make such a killer addition to a burger. Chewing was almost optional--to burn the calories I went home and took a power nap. Thanks again for the ride John--maybe I should have walked home instead!


Leo said...

Lol, good times!

So where are we raiding next?

Gary said...

Next up, shark fin soup or some sort of expensive Chinese delicacy. Maybe some braised bear gallbladders or eagle-talon congee?

Leo said...

We should go beat some seal pups or something . . . you know, being Canadian and all.

Gary said...

That sounds like a grand idea. After that we can make maple syrup and eat copious amounts of bacon too. Bacon with maple syrup...MMMMmmm...

Leo said...

Yeah, but Canadian bacon is actually ham.

travelphilippines said...

thats the yummyiest burger i have seen...

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