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Monday, 17 September 2007

Dot Com Pho with BC Bloggers

I've been spending my time the past couple of weeks in Richmond, BC. Since Richmond is also home to the Vietnamese restaurant Pho Lan, it made for a great opportunity to meet some fellow local BC bloggers for some Dot Com Pho.

I've been following the antics of John Chow (the Panda lover), Michael Kwan (freelance writing specialist), Ed Lau (the "awesome" guy), Stephen Fung (twin brother of the famous HK actor Stephen Fung) and Leo Chiang (Battle Star Galactica star) now over the past year. So on Saturday I finally made it out to one of their weekly Dot Com Pho luncheons, after a few weeks of delays. These guys are a hilarious bunch and it was a riot watching Michael and Ed film a small video announcing the winner of their "Name our Hockey Blog Domain" contest.

Here's a picture of my pho with beef and tendon, along with a side spring roll (to go with my iced coffee of course). The best part about eating Vietnamese noodles is sweating while eating it, getting beef broth spray all over your white shirts, and smelling like pho upon leaving the premises, while riding a caffeine high from the iced coffee:

Here I am with John Chow, the root of all evil, and the guy who teaches you how to make money online:

Stephen and John getting themselves ready to ruin Michael and Ed's video...conveniently outside the Panda Learning Centre (which teaches you how to throw rocks at baby pandas):

You can check out the final video by visiting either Michael or Ed's blog. Until next time, guys!! ;-)


Laura Palmer said...

Hey! I'm here in SK now... just wondering what internet service you used and which one you recommend (best quality for cheapest price).

Gary said...

Laura: Hey, we went with CJ and signed a two year contract for both cable TV and broadband internet. It's cheaper that way, plus you can cancel at the end of one year as long as you show CJ a copy of your plane ticket!

lowlight said...

Sorry for not making it guys... They always have their pho on Saturdays, and Saturdays were ALWAYS very busy for me during my vacation. Maybe next time!

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