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Friday, 21 September 2007

The Drive Back from Tacoma = More Mexican Food

I had previously mentioned that during our trip to Tacoma, WA, all of our meals turned out to be of the Mexican variety. We stopped off at Taco Bell (3 times in 2 days), Chipotle, and our final destination, the Taqueria Los 3 Hermanos located inside the food court at Bellis Fair Mall, in Bellingham.

We got to the mall at 6:10pm and it was still open, however all the shops were in the process of closing. As we made our way up to the counter, one of the amigos working apologized and said they were closed. We explained to him that we had come all the way from Vancouver (a white lie) to experience his delicious tacos! With some whimpering and throwing out the puppy dog eyes the dude gave in and agreed to make us 12 tacos! Hurrah!

These tacos are more towards the authentic style, not the "Taco Bell" stuff as some of you have put it. The taste was very simple, but also very fresh and light. Man, I love cilantro. The best part of this meal was wolfing it down in 2 minutes because the custodial staff had just finished stacking up about 300 chairs in the food court--but were waiting for four more--the ones were occupying! Thankfully, they were very kind and let us eat in peace:

I had my first mandarin-flavored Jarritos soft drink--made in Mexico, baby. It tasted like Fanta Orange:

Here are a couple pictures of our view on the way home. We took the road along the 539 border crossing as it was a lot less busier than the border at the Peace Arch (and easier to cross through too):


Mike said...

Ah, Jarritos.... reason #3829 why I miss Texas. Tell me a place I can buy Jarritos in Seoul and I'll praise you forever.

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