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Saturday, 15 September 2007

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog: BLOGRUSH!

Hey everyone, as you may notice down on the bottom left sidebar, there is a new widget installed. It's from BLOGRUSH and it's a new method to try to get the number one thing that is important to most bloggers out there--more readers (I heard about this from K-Rad)!

Here's how it works...you sign up for a free account and add the BLOGRUSH widget to your blog. The widget will display blog posts from other relevant blogs, and your blog posts will be displayed on other bloggers' sites as well. So basically it's a viral method out there to get free exposure for your blog--both parties win!

When you refer other bloggers, your posts will get more exposure on their blogs too. So this is just a new way for the blogging community to band together and get more traffic--free! There are no tricks or gimmicks with this, so I think every blogger out there that is reading this should at least sign up and give it a try.

I'm going to track my traffic over the next week and let you know if it makes a difference or not. If all the bloggers out there sign up for this, especially the ones about Korea, we can band together and get lots of traffic! You have nothing to lose--but traffic! Let me say again, this service is free and you have a choice to give it a test if you want to. If anyone out there also wants to give this a run, sign up here under Gdog and start your account today. ;)

Watch this video for a detailed explanation:


Carl said...

Thanks for the referral! :D

Gdog said...

No problem! If this thing works it will be pretty neat!

Leo said...

I just signed up myself

Sam said...

Cool! I've just added it now :)

Gdog said...

So far, after a day of using this, my traffic has spiked...about 1000 unique visitors today alone!! :)

Orchid said...

Dear Gdog,

We've added BLOGRUSH to our blog...under your account. :-)


Gdog said...

Orchid: Cool! Let me know how it works out for you!

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