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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

How to Properly Carry Your Girlfriend's Purse

You're going to see many interesting thing when you live in Korea. Some include the fascinating American Idol-like taxi drivers, similarly dressed "campus couples", and the billions of PC bangs (PC rooms) all over the place filled with white-foam-coming-out-of-their-mouths-Starcraft-addicts. I probably should have posted about this a lot sooner, as it is something that is very, very important in Korean society. What is this you might ask? Well, it's none other than how to carry your significant other's purse/handbag!

When Korean men aren't carrying their own "murses", they are usually carrying their girlfriend's purse. For those who haven't reached the shores of the Korean peninsula just yet, you probably think I'm crazy (I'm not crazy.)! It's true, it's everywhere--just open your eyes! For example, take a look here at Exhibit A:

The above photo was taken inside Homever, where we shopped for groceries three stories underground. As you can see he's being a good boyfriend by holding onto his girlfriend's purse (is it on the left or the right?). After a while you don't even notice this phenomenon anymore. Take a look at Exhibit B below...you can barely tell what's going on!

...and to emphasize this even further, here is my buddy Tae showing us how it's done. Look at the proud and self-fulfilled expression on his face as he sports his friend 상정's handbag...way to take one for the team, Tae!

So...to all the guys out there in Korea...do you carry your significant other's purse/handbag?


Fencerider said...

you do if you want to get any!

Gdog said...

LOL...I guess that's one way of putting it. ;)

Handbag said...

That's it I now have a plan for my Boyfriend - Bag Carrier is going to be his middle name.


Anonymous said...

actually, it's normal in Asia..I'm a Malaysian, and my hubby always want to carry my handbag, it's a way to express their love for their women..

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