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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Justin Timberlake in Seattle at the Tacoma Dome

You might remember my previous post about returning back from the Justin Timberlake concert. This marks the first concert we've seen since checking out the "dirrrrtttyyy" Christina Aguilera in Seoul. Originally we were planning on getting some scalper tickets for the concert in Vancouver, but prices were just outrageous. Scalpers were buying more than selling, so the demand for tickets increased the prices big time. A lower bowl seat was going for as high as $300CDN! Forget that!

The next best thing...was to get some cheap tickets online via Ticketmaster for the Seattle show in Tacoma, WA! The tickets came to $60US after tax and we sat in the lower bowl near the top. Nevertheless, for the price paid we had some wicked seats!

Check out our view from our seats:

OMG it's the FUTURESEX/LOVESHOW tour bus! Everyone else was getting their picture taken so of course we had to as well. I felt like I was in Korea again...sorta!!

Good Charlotte was the opening act...they did a pretty good job of interacting with the crowd. Here they are having some fun with us:

Taking pictures without flash in low light with my Canon SD400 can be very difficult, but here is one of JT doin' a little dance in the air:

Alrighty, here's a video that lasts just over 5 and half minutes...some dude told me to stop taking videos--when clearly 1000 other fans were merrily shooting away too! We weren't supposed to have cameras in the show to begin with, but of course you know Gdog has game to bypass security, hehe.

The concert was pretty cool, a great show by JT himself. The disappointing part? Timbaland was MIA! He was at the Vancouver concert three days prior, but was mysteriously absent for the show--darn! Did anyone else check out JT when he was in your city?


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