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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Mango Prices in Canada vs South Korea

Remember when I posted about The World's Most Expensive Mango? Well, that mango I spotted inside the Lotte Department Store definitely takes the record in my books as the most expensive mango I have ever seen. I love mangoes, but I don't love them that much to shell out $34US for ONE!

So, after arriving back home in Victoria/Vancouver, imagine the shock on my face when I spotted mangoes being sold here but for a fraction of the price. Let's do a refresher first of all. Here, we have the mango from South Korea for approximately $34US:

Back in Vancouver, as I was perusing and taking in all the sights and smells of the produce department at Safeway, I spotted Mexican mangoes on sale for only $0.99 cents!! Hot diggity now that's a deal right there:

But...it gets better. Later that week I was inside the produce market at the Richmond Public Market and what did I see on sale? You guessed it, Mexican mangoes once again. The price this time? Only $0.39 cents each!! That just shows you the disparity in fruit prices when you compare it to other parts of the world, and in this case, South Korea! Imagine if you took a couple case loads of these mangoes purchased at $0.39 cents a piece, then sold them in Korea for $34US each! Man, that's like dealing drugs--but with fruit! Time to start up a black market for fruit in Korea! Who wants to get the ball rolling (except there's a problem--Korea's strict drug laws)?

How much do mangoes cost where you live?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you weren't teaching math, as they are 25 cents each if you buy four at a time. This will help increase your profit in your Korean fruit selling business. Try to bring some small red radishes as well and sweet corn too. I really miss them. Wait, those are vegetables.

BTW, right now with the holiday (wait, is that right. I don't think Chuseok started out as a religious "holy" day. Wikipedia says it started out as a weaving contest. Wow! And, when did the contraction of the word "holy days" become another word for a vacation? Well, anyway), watermelons which cost only 4,000 won last week are now 13,000 won today. For the same puny melon. Everything else seems to skyrocketed in price too. I guess it is the South Korean equivalent of jacking up the prices like they do in North America right before Christmas.

Did it take you a while to get back into that driving groove and dealing with traffic? Also, congrats on your big news. When is the wedding, and will it be a monstrous affair or something small and intimate?

lao-ocean said...

I saw a SMALL head of iceburg lettuce today at the local store for 7500 won!! Are you freakin' kidding me? It was slightly larger than my fist.

Anonymous said...

Mangoes in Singapore average $1-4 USD... :)

Gary said...

John: LOL...I couldn't read the last two digits on that picture so I couldn't make the calculation for the "deal"...thanks for pointing that out!

Happy Chuseok to you, I hope you get your fill of SPAM. As for the wedding plans, we have yet to make a decision on when and where. I have started driving and it has been very interesting--I've missed it all this time.

lao ocean girl: haha...oh man that is expensive. The same head of iceberg lettuce here is 99 cents!

lynnocaine: Thanks for the heads up!

Unknown said...

Gdog, Thanks for keeping the blog going. You always put a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

That's bloody expensive for mangoes. What's so great about Korean mangoes?

Gary said...

betty: thanks for reading my blog, and I'm happy that you are enjoying it! :)

gallivanter: I think the question is not about why the mangoes in Korea are great, it's about the duties and tariffs placed on imported foods (this this case fruit) in Korea--making them extremely expensive!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I live in Japan and am constantly mystified in the supermarket. Imported goods like bananas are far, far cheaper than home-grown produce such as apples. Grapes, peaches and mangoes are a distant memory on my EFL teacher's salary!

Anonymous said...

For a case of mangos here at the local Asian market is 8.99. Cheap? yeah=)

Aaron said...

I saw some mangoes at the Samsung-dong Hyundai Dept. Store recently: 6 for 180,000 KRW. In all fairness, though, that included one cantaloupe melon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a later comer to this blog, but when i saw this post i really had to comment.
Mangoes are for free!! :) we have mango trees (I live in the Caribbean, Barbados to be exact :D)

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