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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Namdaemun Gate and City Hall At Night

Here's a tip for all those new teachers that have arrived or will be arriving in Korea: use your time wisely because one year will zoom by before you know it! For the longest time I wanted to get out and take some night photography with my Canon digital SLR. After picking up a tripod from my "dealer" in Namdaemun I was eager to get out and take some test shots.

Finally, during my last few weeks I managed to get out and snap some photos of Namdaemun Gate and City Hall at night. Weekends were the only opportunities for me to head downtown since we worked Monday to Friday till 10pm. Anyways, there are definitely a lot of places to go in Seoul to practice taking pictures. I'm still learning how to properly use all the settings on my camera so this was more of a test shoot. Enjoy the pictures.

City Hall...taken in front of the Seoul Plaza Hotel:

Life in the fast lane:

A couple more of Namdaemun Gate:

Fun with daddy:

Where do you like to visit to snap pictures in Seoul?


Aussie Campervans said...

Nice snaps of city attractions. Keep taking snaps. :)

Orchid said...

Enjoyed the night shots Gdog.

I have no idea where to visit to snap pictures in Seoul. Why don't you compile a list of top 10 places or something ;-). I have not been to Seoul, but would like to go there one day. =)

John Deru said...

Wonderful pictures !
Imagine that i'm standing up there, but is it possible ?

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