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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ordering Red Mango Frozen Yogurt in Gangnam

You've probably read about my first experience at Red Mango frozen yogurt and the currently Red Mango versus Pink Berry wars down in California. The frozen yogurt is pretty darn tasty at Red Mango and it's pretty addicting. It tastes even better when you've been dodging people (or walking while holding a bag in front of you) left, right, and center, down the densely populated sidewalks of Gangnam.

Red Mango employees--check out those stylish uniforms:

The location in Gangnam is probably one of he largest Red Mango frozen yogurt locations. We were here to meet up one last time with my friend Paul (more about him later). The place was pretty packed and it was very noisy--this is what happens when you have frozen yogurt addicts all jam packed into one place! Check out this exclusive Daily Kimchi video taken by yours truly--it's Paul ordering the toppings on his frozen yogurt and then me giving it a go:

What happens when you're blazing hot and sweaty and you can't find a Red Mango frozen yogurt location near you? Have no fear, because an "Ice Muffler" is the thing to have instead! Come on, tell me this isn't the coolest thing ever? Look how happy that girl is on the box:

Do you have an ice muffler? Don't lie now...


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