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Friday, 7 September 2007

Review: Teaching Kimchi dot com

Do you remember my lunch at the popular fusion omurice restaurant, Omuto Tomato? Well, I first went there with my friend Paul, who has recently launched his own blog into the Korean blogosphere. It's called Teaching Kimchi dot com and it's one of the up and coming Korean web portals.

Paul's site has a very clean layout and has some very interesting posts that would be valuable to those new teachers researching a new job in South Korea. There is also a job board for you to search through the current jobs available in Korea. So if you're looking for a job, be sure to add this blog to your RSS feed for daily updates on topics related to teaching English in Korea. Want to write? He's also looking for writers too!

Some interesting posts that may interest you are:
Advice on marrying a Korean
Money saving flight tips
When to go to Korea
Korean laptops

That's a lot of interesting topics covered over at Teaching Kimchi dot com, so if you are serious about teaching English in Korea, I would suggest that you check out Paul's website for information you may be looking for!

Weekend update: This line has been played out 1000's of times but I'm going to use it anyways. I'm going to be bringing sexyback this weekend as I will be going to see the one, the only, Justin Timberlake in concert tomorrow night in Seattle, WA! If there are any blog readers out in the Pacific Northwest and you happen to see me, come and say hi!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your site and I think it's great! Very informative and entertaining. I can't seem to find your email address anywhere. I'd like to ask you a couple questions.

I found your page my typing in "health clubs seoul" in a google search. I'm a personal trainer out of Vancouver, BC and I'm planning to move to Korea to pursue a career in PT.

I read that the personal trainers at the Hyundai gym all spoke english. Were they foreigners? Do you know much they get paid? How much they charge for personal training sessions?

I watched your video as well and I was quite surprised with the quality of the gym! Very bright, clean and all those pretty colors! =)

I'm hoping you can write back at: bp604@hotmail.com

I suspect you're a Canucks fan? I read a bit of your "watch TV for free in Korea."


Gdog said...

Brian: Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad you're enjoying my posts!

As for the gyms in Korea, the majority of them have Korean trainers since most people there are Korean! The ones that were there did speak a little English...but I'm talking barely any English. I am not sure how much they got paid.

I was happy to have watched some live hockey while I was in Korea! :)

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