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Monday, 10 September 2007

Seattle Premium Outlets and Taco Bell Pre-Justin

Here we got with another update on our trip down to the Northwest-"siiiidde" as Justin Timberlake called it. Just prior to our arrival at the Canada/USA border, we stopped by the Duty Free to pick up some discounted goods (well, actually just my sister and Devante buying creams and other miscellaneous stuff). Here's a tip for those heading to the USA from Vancouver. Coming out of the Duty Free can help you bypass a huge chunk of the line up! I guess that's the way it's laid out...so buy an item and that can save you some time!

After going through the Peace Arch border crossing (more on that later), our first stop was the Seattle Premium Outlets. Man, I really envy my neighbors down south--you guys really have some awesome shopping deals, especially at these outlets! This was actually my second trip to the outlets in about two weeks. Banana Republic was pretty much almost 50% in store. I picked up a pair of chinos, a collared t-shirt, and four pairs of boxers for only $70US! I wasn't even looking for clothes...the deals come to me, baby.

There are over 100 outlet stores here...let the shopping begin:

You can't miss the massive sign along the I-5...you should take the exit before this sign...but there's still hope as another exit is just about a kilometer away:

You're probably wondering where all the food posts are. I admit I'm lagging behind but it's only because I've been eating all the time! I don't know what they do to the Taco Bell here in the USA, but it tastes great and is much cheaper than the stuff they serve up in Canada. Sure, this isn't "authentic" Mexican but it still tastes damn good. I contemplated just eating packets of hot sauce:

I had three supreme hard tacos...yummy!

What would you say if I told you that I also had three more tacos from Taco Bell after the concert? "I'll never tell..."


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