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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Unique Washrooms/Bathrooms/Toilets in Korea

Right now I have a bit of a blogging backlog--I have too many things to say but not enough time to post. Don't worry, I'll post everything soon enough, just remember to keep checking back for updates. Subscribe to my full feed RSS to ensure you won't be left out in the cold!

Anyways, today I will be talking about the state of the Korean washroom. You might remember my posts about Seoul's Best Toilets, but today we're going to take a look at a washroom in Korea that clearly didn't win that award. The following washroom was located in the building beside Dos Tacos in Gangnam (some of the best Mexican food in Korea!).

What makes this washroom special is the old school bathroom doors, straight out of a Western movie. This "saloon" style door makes it awkward because as you're standing there doing your washroom duty (the men's washroom), people walking by can clearly see you! Umm...can you say awkward and disturbing? I shouldn't have done this, but I did anyways just to prove a point. Check out the picture of this guy--now imagine seeing the upper body of a 6 foot 2" Chinese guy instead of him and you'll know how I felt!

BUT BUT BUT...wait, it gets better! You've heard of "Soap on a Rope" right? That's the ultimate gift (consisting of soap on a rope, duh!) to buy your friends and family on special occasions. Inside this bathroom, there was what I'd like to call "Soap on a Metal Arm Attached to the Wall"--now this is creative:

Want a closer look? Here you go! Generally the bathrooms in Korea are very clean and well maintained. However, you will run into the occasional squat toilet--now those are fun, right ladies? ;-)

It's time for a special segment I'd like to call: Did you know...ready?

Did you know that in Korea, generally people do not flush toilet paper down the toilet? It is placed in a small waste basket that is placed beside the toilet. I don't know if this is the most sanitary idea, but that's what happens in the country. I took this picture for you guys (part of my bathroom picture taking spree). This is something to keep in mind for all you teachers coming over to teach English in Korea. I will admit though, I never did use those garbage bins--I flushed my toilet paper! I have seen the bins in squat toilets around the world, but to have them near flushing toilets is a very interesting idea!

Does anyone have any good bathroom stories to share? Open your lid and flush out your system here! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Soap on a metal arm attached to a wall....I am building a house and will have to run that by the wife! hehe!

Max said...

Doors of any kind in Korea are a luxury. I've been in countless bathrooms that offer a convenient direct view from the urinals to the hallway of the school, office, or bar that I was in. I don't care, peep the schlong!

Gary said...

Skiing: I am sure the wife will approve of this ingenius idea! Better yet, just build it first and then surprise her with it...that should be interesting!

Max: I love making eye contact with strangers while I'm peeing...ANYOUNGHASAYO!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, at a bar, I was in one of those bathrooms where it is really one bathroom for both men and women. The toilets are separate if you are lucky, or maybe the urinal is in the open but the ladies toilet is in a stall. But there will be a common sink.

I finished my business, and was waiting for the sink because there was a lady there. She was putting on her makeup, and was clearly a bit tipsy. Suddenly, she turned around and asked me my name, then introduced herself. Then she wrote her name on the mirror with her lipstick. Then suddenly, she wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a big kiss on my mouth!

Only in Korea. But unfortuantely, this has proved to me a one-of-a-kind experience that has not repeated. YMMV...

Anonymous said...

lol apparently you can't chuck the used toilet tissues with your *ahem* poo because the neck which connects the toilet to the drains are too small... why don't they just make it larger? strange.

Lazy Cook Easy Recipes said...

Really, they don't flush paper down the WC?? Even when they do a number 2? Gee, means the bin will have paper that's covered with POO...ARRRRRRRGH!

Gary said...

Anonymous: I've also entered a co-washroom and it was funny when a girl exited the one stall...I was like...oh...hello. This was a dirty washroom inside a norebang.

Anonymous: I have also heard that too...so because of this non-flushing it can lead to some interesting toilet experiences...

Catherine: LOL! Yes, since there is no flushing you see poo-stained toilet paper hanging out of the bin all the freakn time...it's disgusting, especially when you some kids who haven't learned how to FLUSH either!

Anonymous said...

actually, i've noticed this in the washrooms stalls in RICHMOND BC!!! i've always wondered why the wastebaskets were overflowing with TP until one day i noticed that the person who last disposed of their TP did a #2. in fact, there is a BBT cafe that has a sign in the women's washroom above the toilet that says: do not throw anything into the toilet including toilet paper!

ps. please dispose of your TP when you come over for some Wii fun.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be darned -- there for 4 months and never knew that --
I'll check the no flush rule when I return!

Anonymous said...

I have a Korean roommate that moved in a month ago that came to study English. Until this week I wasn't sure but I had my suspicions that her toilet paper was going in the trash we keep next to the toilet. I'm so glad I found this site, except now I'm pretty sure that is what is going on and we will need to talk now!

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