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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Victoria Dragon Boat Festival: Eye Dotting Ceremony

When I was in Victoria during the end of August, I helped out with some volunteer photography at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival. These pictures were taken at the Eye Dotting Ceremony, which takes place prior to the start of the festival.

The Victoria Dragon Boat Festival just celebrated its 13th year of existence, and is always highly anticipated by many avid dragon boaters from throughout the Pacific Northwest. This year alone, 90 different teams participated in the festival, an all time high.

To start off the festival, "Taoist priests will "awaken of the dragon" in an ancient rite that precedes every dragon boat festival. To "awaken" the dragon boats, red paint is dabbed on the eyes on each dragon boat’s "blind" figurehead."

These photos were taken with with my Canon XTi/400D/Kiss Digital X along with my uncle's 24-105mm f/4 L:

This cutey is my little cousin, Ella. She was cute enough to make the cover of the Times Colonist and the Saanich News!

I've had some family visiting from back East, hence the delay in posts (due to eating non-stop dim sum, dinners, and drinking bubble tea). This Sunday I'll be visiting Victoria for a week, so updates might be delayed a bit.

Are you a big dragon boat fan? If so, where have you paddled, and for what team?


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous that you and your girlfriend were able to get jobs in Seoul. My boyfriend and I are going to Korea to teach, but we applied too late so we ended up getting jobs in the country (4 hours from Seoul by bullet train).

Gary said...

Well, we did some research and got lucky! Where abouts are you guys? The thing with working in the country is that you get paid more, so that's a bonus! :)

Anonymous said...

I see. We didn't do our research that well. =( How was the teaching part? I have no experience teaching so I am a little nervous. I read most of your blogs, but I didn't get to the ones from July 2006 so I didn't get to read what you had to say about the job. I did get a little worried when I saw that you were working 12 hours a day. 8 hours is already too much for me. BTW, thanks for sharing that Japan essay by one of your student. It was amusing and I learned something from it.

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