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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

How to Get Free Tissues in Korea

Part of teaching English in Korea, aside from experiencing their unique culture is the ability to save some money while you're abroad. Lots of people have different ways and ideas as to how to save money. What works for you might not work for others. Sure, saving money is great, but please remember you also need to live a little. Spend some money on a toy, or eat a good meal. We were able to have the best of both worlds by creating a monthly budget and trying to stay within it every month.

Well, if you are really trying to pinch the pennies (actually, I should say Won), you can start off by scouring the neighborhood for free furniture. Want some extra food or "service" from your local restaurant? Visit them often, be polite, and try to speak Korea (it worked for me!). Want to get free food on your flight home? Terrorize the kids sitting in front of you (works like a charm).

Want free tissues in Korea? Keep an eye out for boxes that local restaurants will drop off at your hagwon. I guess the rationale is that every time you grab a tissue you will scan the menu and the pictures of the food. Sure, tissue is cheap but if you really want to save then you'll have to do what it takes to spare yourself some change. Here are some pictures to show you what I'm talking about:

These were given to me as a "gift" from one of the counselors at my work. I didn't really need them as we had lots of tissue at home. However, I did soon realize that these things end up making great prizes for the kids! The expressions on some of my students when I tried to pull this stunt on them was priceless!


John from Daejeon said...

Tissues? That's almost as bad as Charlie Brown getting rocks every Halloween.

I know you got a kick out of watching the kids stunned faces thinking what kind of foolish teacher gives us something practical and useful (as do I when I play my daily mindgames with the young whippersnappers) instead of yummy candy or cheap toys. I wonder, do you give the same type of thoughtful gifts to the future Mrs. Gdog, and what is her reaction?

buyers web said...

well now i know how to get free tissues i will remember that lol..

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