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Friday, 26 October 2007

New York Fries in Korea!

Who loves New York Fries? Or let me rephrase that...who doesn't love New York Fries? Anyways, during our time in Korea we never thought we would encounter a New York Fries location--that is until we stumbled across one at Gangnam Station (Line 2, Green Line).

Sometimes you see something you're used to, but then you get this weird feeling that something is not right. That was the feeling at this "New York Fries" location as you'll soon see. We stopped by this little joint underground for a quick bite before departing home with our friends JP and Tae. Let's take a look at what JP and Tae ordered!

Now this is what I'm talking about for those who love poutine as much as I do. Fries topped with cheese curds then smothered in hot gravy to melt the cheese. It sure had been a while since I had this. The best poutine though is at the Costco locations back home--an instant heart attack baby!

Here are the remnants of JP's order, "The Works" which had sour cream, bacon bits, chives, and cheddar cheese--with gravy of course!

Now back to my point about this place not being a genuine New York Fries franchise. Well, for starters the signage and menu was pretty welfare looking. It was like someone just scanned a logo and went crazy with a color laser printer and stickers!

But it was the "WIN THIS DRAW" poster that got us wondering. For those in the Lower Mainland you'll understand what I'm talking about because it makes reference to the Vancouver Giants hockey team. Also at the bottom it says "at participating New York Fries in the greater Vancouver area"...haha...what the?!

Now, I don't know about you but we grew up watching Beverly Hills, 90210 on TV (didn't everybody?). So when Devante saw this tshirt she was pretty excited and picked it up (after I managed to get a couple bucks off baby). It has the BH 90210 logo on the front...and on the back it says "WESTSIDE FOREVER"--awesome!

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Ed said...

There're simply so many new things that pop up in Seoul everyday - pretty cool place to visit every now and then. So is that a legit NYF outlet at all?

ej said...

i live in new york... and i have not seen these so-called new york fries.
can you do a post on random t-shirts that you've seen in korea with random sayings on them?

Anonymous said...

There is a larger NYF in Apgu. NYF is a Canadian thing I believe. Strange isn't it?

Gdog said...

ed: I have no idea if it's real or not...it might be affiliated in some way because the cups looked pretty real.

ej: thanks for visiting my blog! I will dig through my pictures and write up a post. Look for it!

Anony: yep, NYF is CDN...I wonder what new yorkers think of it LOL! I'll have scope out the Apgu. location in the future .

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Ive been craving poutine ever since i moved to seoul from toronto. I miss Quebec's Chez Ashton's poutine, but new york fries is delicious! Can't wait to go and have some!!

Nicole said...

discovered a NYF in COEX Mall.... and it's the real deal!!! i'm in heaven!!

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