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Monday, 1 October 2007

October Equals Autumn in Victoria, BC

Man, those summer days sure are long gone. The autumn weather has started and that equates to copious amounts of rain for the Pacific Northwest, in particular Vancouver and where I am now (temporarily), Victoria. Usually the rains don't really come until the start of October. I can hear the rain drops hitting the skylight about me as we speak. These grey and dark days make it very S.A.D. for everyone. Why not think back about the summer for a little refresher?

The rain and clouds got me reminiscing of the awesome summer weather I experienced here in Victoria when we arrived back from Korea. So, once again that means a dig into the picture archives to pull up some summer shots from Victoria.

If you're ever visiting Victoria, British Columbia, you will most likely make a visit down to Dallas Road, which is the coastline of the very southern tip of Vancouver Island. Here you will see some of the most stunning views of the beaches, the Pacific Ocean, and various marine wildlife. Here's a picture taken along Dallas Road:

Check out the mountains in the background, it's like they're floating on the clouds; this view is looking towards Port Angeles, down south in Washington State:

Walking along Dallas Road is one of the more popular routes; it's always a place to sit back and smell the roses (in this case the fresh ocean air; watch out for seagulls pooping on your back though--I wish this old guy some luck):

Here's part of the lookout from Clover Point...

...it's pretty crazy to drive down here during winter storms. The wind and waves will take you down--like this picture, taken in February of 2006 (surf's up!):

One last picture for you. This is Willows Beach, which is located in the municipality of Oak Bay, one of the older parts of town. So there you have it...if you're visiting Victoria, you now have two places you must visit: Dallas Road and Willows Beach!

I Hope you enjoyed your mini-tour of Victoria, BC!


Anonymous said...

love the colours of autumn =)

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