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Friday, 19 October 2007

Plane Crashes Into My Old Home in Richmond!

Hey everyone...some crazy news! As you may have heard, a plane crashed into an apartment tower in Richmond, BC! The crazy thing is that this apartment complex is the same tower where my sister used to live! We were banking at the time and then I ran home and got my SLR (this happened a block away from where I currently reside. Check out the following pictures taken with my 70-300mm IS (non DO)! One person has been reported dead, the pilot. Right now, there are a bunch of reporters reporting live on CTV, CBC, and other news outlets!

We ran into one of our old neighbors outside of the building. She said she felt the building shake, then got a call from a neighbor that a plane had crashed into the building! So of course she evacuated the scene pretty quickly! Good thing we don't live there anymore, as I'm curious about the structural integrity of the tower after this impact!

The scene from Tsim Chai Noodles across the street from the Richmond Public Market:

The view from inside RPM; imagine eating your meal and seeing a plane crash above you!

This is outside RPM near the park downstairs:

More from the side of the RPM:

Zoom shot of the gaping hole; by the time we got there, we saw an old Asian lady INSIDE the apartment! She was waving and screaming to the people below!

Here are the firefighters scoping out the scene. The plane is actually INSIDE the apartment...so far in, you can't even see it!

Check out the ambulances at the front of the entrance of the Rosario Gardens apartments, on Saba Road:

More can be seen at John's blog as he saw this while he was shopping and coverage from Ed Lau!


Leo said...

Pretty nutty stuff. Lucky only the pilot died as it could have been a lot worse considering how busy that area is.

Gary said...

yeah tell me about it. We live an earshot from this place. Good thing there was no fire! I bet right now all the residents that were going to sell are thinking how this is going to affect the resale value of this place!

"We have a nice corner apartment here, next door to the unit that had a plane crash into it..."

Condolences to the family though...

Anonymous said...

how very stranger than fiction-esque!

Anonymous said...

OMG!why happend it???

Gary said...

maxx: no one knows what happened but there must have been some equipment failure. The pilot was 82 years old... Age might have been a factor.

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