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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Samgyeopsal Revisited: The Greasy Memories

I came across something interesting tonight--no, it wasn't the Free Hugs in Korea campaign gone terribly wrong or that pig-in-a-tuxedo ice cream bar I've eaten on many occasions. After checking some blog stats (I know you check yours like an addict too) I noticed a bunch of visitors were coming from the UK newspaper, The Guardian, through their online version The Guardian Unlimited.

Their blog section on food called Word of Mouth was talking about the release of Gill Partington's Axis of Evil Cookbook. Graham Holliday turns out to enjoy Korean food and lists his top 5 spicy Korean dishes. Number four on his list is samgyeopsal, and its marriage with soju--this is where he linked to my video (taken by HC) post on the idol of every Korean child, Soju Man!

This made me think of my memories of samgyeopsal so with that in mind, let's bring on a food post! This was one of the local samgyeopsal restaurants located minutes away from our officetel in Mokdong. The best part was the owner spoke perfect English which was a surprise! This restaurant was part of a chain of samgyeopsal restaurants located around the city:

Of course, once you've ordered you are bombarded with side dishes and everything is placed on the grill for you:

Looking back, I have honestly never consumed so much pork in my life! Samgyeopsal is so fatty--but yet so delicious! Here we have some sausage and mushrooms added into the mix too. Before...


My lettuce wrapped sausage with some samjang (which I have not had in a long time):

Some of my Korean friends like their samgyeopsal cooked medium, but personally I like mine grilled to a crisp. I am pretty sure the overconsumption of samgyeopsal leads to uncontrollable flatulence, but don't ask me to verify that for you...muahahha

Umm...right...anyways, most galbi and samgyeopsal places have the hot coals brought to your table for cooking. This place had copper grills hooked up to gas. The taste definitely is much better cooked with coals though. Speaking of that, have you ever wondered about the life of the "hot coals" guy who brings the heat to your table? Check out my candid videos of this flamer (no pun intended) hard at work!


Max said...

Do you know of any website that posts job opportunities for foreigners that isn't for teaching English? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find one.

Chris said...

Hey - what is the name of that restaurant? Since I live in Mokdong, and I love Samgyeopsal, I'm always on the lookout for a new place.

My parents were visiting Seoul for 10 days last week, and we were twice thwarted in our attempt to eat Samgyeopsal! Last Friday night we tried a place near Omokgyo exit #3 that came highly recommended, but they had a 30 minute wait, and we were hungry - so we went around the corner to Duckory.

Gdog said...

Max: Hmm...good question. I am not sure about what other websites that list jobs, but once I find out I will try to post it up here.

Chris: this samgyeopsal restaurant is located downstairs underneath the Paragon Towers, the side facing Homever. Let me know if you can find it!

Debo Hobo said...

Those greasy memories look Yummy!!!

Gdog said...

debo: thanks for visiting--it was yummy! Nice blog you have by the way. :)

Chris said...

gdog - don't know how to email you, so this is only FYI. Previous poster was asking about non-teaching jobs. Here is one such site that I am aware of:



Gdog said...

chris: thanks for posting the link! My email is located on the top right sidebar.

Chang said...

I heard that these things are quite bad for your stomach - grilled meat, alcohol, smoking, overly spicy food, and stress. You know what? Koreans, when stressed out, go to Samgyeopsal restaurants, eat grilled meat rolled in Kimchi, along with hot pepper dipped in Gochujang, and drink soju (while many are also smoking). Hehe..

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