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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner: BBQ Turkey + Prime Rib

I haven't dedicated much time to my blog over the past couple of days, and you will soon find out why. Well, I'm back in Victoria for Thanksgiving weekend and so far I've spent the majority of my time eating. This time around, we had a large feast at my uncle's house, consisting of BBQ turkey (slow roasted on his Weber rotisserie), prime rib, baked potatoes, baked yams, corn, salad, stuffing, etc...blah blah blah, I think you get the idea.

For all you beef lovers, here is a picture of the prime rib:

...I like my beef medium rare. Even though some parts were more well done than others, the meat still was super tender and juicy!

It was my first time experiencing BBQ turkey. Check out this bird on the BBQ rotisserie...bring it on!

You can't have turkey without the homemade stuffing! This was from my aunt's secret recipe and it was incredible...I wish I had some right now...

Forget passing bowls and plates during dinner--that wastes time. Why not setup everything buffet style so everyone can just dive in? My advice to my uncle, don't forget to check the ground along the wall because I might have dropped a few niblets of corn down there--whoops! ;)

Here's my plate of gravy with mashed potatoes, corn, turkey with cranberry sauce, and some prime rib. The gravy is my dad's ancient Chinese recipe that is over 2000 years old, written on a rice paper scroll. This magical recipe goes great with turkey!

It just so happened that yesterday was also my cousin Aaron's 18th birthday. So, of course there was birthday cake (two of them). Aaron looks pretty young still for 18, eh (he's actually cutting the cake; those two cuties are my little cousins)?

You were probably wondering "where is the pumpkin pie?" Well, here is it with some fresh whipped cream:

We had a fun little activity afterwards with the kids. As you can see here it's a Halloween gingerbread house. I never did get a chance to taste the toxic orange colored icing...I hesitated after realizing it was staining my fingers permanent orange:

So there you have it...that was my thanksgiving dinner back in Victoria. How was yours?


Leo said...

Thanks for the invite . . . jerk ;)

Gdog said...

I was going to give you a call, but then I remembered you were having too much fun at your Cybernerd-games-fest in Seattle! ;)

John from Daejeon said...

Can't believe that I have will have gone two years without turkey by staying here in South Korea. Did you get at least a slight stomachache for a feast that would make even the "Whos" in "Whoville" envious?

Damn, I miss turkey with all the fixin's. Down in South Texas, we also eat a lot of pecan pies as well during the U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gdog said...

John: Yeah, after my first bite of turkey I could not believe it had been a year of going literally cold turkey for me. I love turkey!

Alex Case said...

You can't get a turkey leg in a Korean BBQ restaurant then?

Gdog said...

It just wouldn't be the same, dude! Imagine asking the 'ajumma' for gravy and stuffing! I would probably get smacked over the head!

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