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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Volunteering at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival

As you may recall, I did some volunteer photography at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival earlier in the summer. Well, the larger task at hand on my second day of volunteering was taking the team photos. Although it would appear to be a big responsibility, it was actually pretty easy since I took the photos with local up and coming amateur photographer, Felix Chen.

This is how it worked...as the teams were ushered down to the docks, prior to lining up we would have them setup for a team photo. Some teams were more enthusiastic than others (in other words they had personalities and a sense of humor! hehe), but I can understand that dragon boat racing is taken very seriously by some, so a select few had their "game face" mentality.

The neat thing about dragon boat is that it appeals to everyone. Young people, old people, new born, pets, etc...anyone can paddle. Not only that, teams can be formed by corporations, community clubs, small businesses, friends, restaurants, etc... you name it and there's a padding club. Let's take a look at some, shall we?

This was a Starbucks team from Washington State. When I discovered this, I immediately said something alone the lines of "excuse me, but can I have a tall-double-shot-decaf-non-fat-extra-hot-first-steam-caramel latte to go with extra caramel sauce..." to them and oh boy, you should've seen the faces cringe at me. Whoops! They were a happy bunch though:

Here we have a team full of ladies in hot pink...

...and a team in fluorescent green. Yep, every team sure did have their own style. Now check out the usher posing with the team in the middle. He was a very nice man but he enjoyed getting into the team photos just a bit too much. Some teams asked for him to stay out of their photos. They would come up to me and say "who is that guy? We don't want him in the photo!" (which makes sense since he is not part of the team). Of course, I had to be the messenger and break the news to the poor guy...

You get to see lots of interesting sights at dragon boat races...like this guy with a parrot on his shoulder (he got irate when he saw me taking his photo in public--I hope he doesn't read this post!):

This guy was on the local Volkswagen dealership team--now that's what you call team spirit (I actually used to work with him at the Hotel Grand Pacific from years back--it's Tony from housekeeping!)...

After the pictures were taken, the images were taken off our memory cards and printed by the fine folks at Minolta. They gave us each a free Minolta ball cap. Time to plug them! So, for all you people out there, please purchase dependable and reliable Minolta products for your personal and office needs. I love Minolta!


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