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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

You Know You're in Seoul When...

There are things that you will start to get used to after living in Seoul. You know you're in Seoul when you recognize this sweet tune being played...can anybody guess where this was taken? For the longest time I never realized where the heck it was coming from, but it was from these orange machines:

Or how about the following...we stumbled upon these power outlets inside a Starbucks near our work. What's so special about them? Well for starters they have been SEALED shut with a glue gun! We had used them on a previous occasion to plug in the AC adapter for our laptops. However, this time around we found them sealed shut, probably to prevent people from spending all day inside the coffee shop. Anyone care to translate the sign?

You know you're in Seoul when the fellow sitting beside you on the subway is enjoying his DMB "handphone"...while you're sitting there bored out of your mind. What to do? Whip out the camera and take a picture of him in secret...smile!


Mrs J said...

hey gdog. the sign says, "wee hum, sohn dae ji mah seh yo". :-P Or rather, "Danger, do not touch."

Anonymous said...

Hey, so now you know. It probably got overloaded and electricuted someone. Lucky it wasn't you.

My first impression was the owner meant "eat and get out" You just raising her electricity bill without spending enough. But I that's not it.

You should get yourself one of those. Being bored senseless is passe. technology is a good thimg.


Gdog said...

Ah, thanks for the translation, Mrs.J!

Joyangel: Thanks for visiting. I would get one of those DMB units but they would be useless to me once I hit the shores of North America. ;)

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