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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Eating At Tropika Restaurant On My Birthday

It's amazing how time flies as you get older. It seems like it was just yesterday that I celebrated my birthday in Korea at the human deathtrap attraction, known as Lotte World. Thinking back to my birthday last year, I had an eventful day that consisted of eating Nepalese at Everest in Dongdaemun, and on another occasion king crab at the shack downstairs from our officetel.

Well, another year has gone by and here I am back home in Canada. This birthday was similar to previous birthdays because it was another day of consuming delicious amounts of food. For lunch I met up with one of my best buddies downtown and we had a chicken shawarma plate at Babylon on Robson Street, one of the best joints downtown:

Fast forward to dinner and I ended up at Tropika Restaurant at Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. Tropika is a Malaysian/Thai/Singaporean/Indonesian restaurant that is one of my favorites in Vancouver. They have two other locations, with one on Robson (1128 Robson Street; 604-737-6002) and another on Cambie (2975 Cambie St; (604) 879-6002). Let's take a look at what we had for dinner--I bet this post will relate to all my South East Asian readers out there! ;) I didn't have my cameras with me so these were taken with my iPhone.

Here we have the young coconut I had to drink...pretty darn refreshing:

Tropika makes some damn good roti...we had multiple orders...

...along with some of the best satay in town. The peanut sauce really is the best part!

Here we have some hot and sour soup...nice and spicy:

Here we have the deep fried K.L. Crab, one of the in house specialties. The crab is topped with some deep fried mini shrimp. I have a love-hate relationship with crab. I love to eat it but I hate cracking those suckers open...it just gets so messy!

This was my first time trying the gado gado salad which tasted so fresh. It was a some lettuce topped with deep fried cubes of tofu, potatoes, cucumber, lots of bean sprouts, then topped with a generous portion of peanut sauce and a slice of egg. Yummy!

We also ordered half a Hainese chicken...very juicy and tasty:

This their seafood coconut fried rice served in a young coconut...it was awesome but I found the portion very small...

The pad Thai at Tropika is awesome too...in the background you see a plate of spinach (you gotta have some veggies ya know):

Probably the most exciting part of the evening was my birthday cake! Ahh, who doesn't love an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, with a picture of Bart Simpson to boot? haha!

The only reason why people love DQ cakes is the chocolate crunch covered fudge interior...why they haven't made a cake consisting of nothing but this boggles my mind:

Tropika is a bit pricey but the food definitely rocks. The taste is pretty authentic according to Devante (who lived in Brunei for two years) Hmm...last year my birthday lasted a few days, let's see if I can stretch it again this year!


Natasha said...

Gdog you sure know how to eat! I love Babylon and Tropika -- Good choices. Their roti is definitely on the same level as the ones I've had in Malaysia. Their curry is super good too.
Happy belated =)

Orchid said...


Your Bart Simpson cake looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gary :)

imoet said...

Happy Birthday (^_____^)

You birthday dinner is surely the most tempting food you've posted in your blog for me :p

Ohhhh I miss Satay and Gado-gado (>.<)

Gary said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind wishes! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm from Singapore, haha finally I see some food I'm familiar with :D

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