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Friday, 9 November 2007

Heinz Korea's New Marketing Campaign

Heinz Korea just launched a new marketing campaign to target the consumers of South Korea. Since everybody and their grandma loves ketchup, the Heinz marketing team came up with a catchy new slogan. To spread the word, they would print their ad on tshirts and distribute them freely on the streets of Korea.

Here is the tshirt...did you know Heinz was ESIP in 1869?

...and here is the catchy line/jingle that I can't get out of my head:

"Americe's Flrorlis Kreep up...IT WE11-02-77 GIVES"

To add some clarity on the main ingredient in Heinz Ketchup, a silhouette of a hot pepper was added to the shirt, instead of a tomato. Recent reports have indicated that ketchup sales have been through the roof, and the back order that has resulted has made consumers angry and irate--they want their ketchup!

This is just an example of some of the wacky tshirts you'll find within the realm of Korean fashion! The key to designing a killer tshirt is making sure that there's some sort of English phrases or words on it--which doesn't necessarily have to make sense! What are some interesting tshirts you've encountered?


BRY said...

Hi, haha...the t-shirt is unique...is there any people will wan to wear it? wats full term for ESIP?

Leo said...

Supposed to be "Since 1869".

I have no idea what "flrorlis" is supposed to be. Maybe "favorite"? But then what the hell is "Kreep up"!?
Oh hell, they were too busy playing Starcraft to study English.

Gary said...

Yze3rB: The funny thing is, we own that shirt! haha...ESIP stands for..who knows!

Leo: You bastard, I just laughed out loud! haha...because the Starcraft part is just so true. I had students dedicate their frickn lives to that game. It's called "Starrrr" or "Starrr-crap-tuh"

Chris said...

I *think* the original must say "America's Favorite Ketchup".
I'm guessing the "it we 11-02-77 gives" was something like "net wt. 11 oz 311 grams" Very strange.

Gary said...

What's even more strange is that my sister is now the proud owner of this tshirt! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Does that even make sense?

Also, do they make chili ketchups?

what's Friorlis?

Gary said...

That's the thing--it's not supposed to make sense!

Nope, they do not have chili ketchup chips, unless you find them in Itaewon or another place that sells foreign foods!

Anonymous said...

LOL i totally understand what you mean.
some shirts have English words on them that don't make sense at all

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