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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Winning Another Contest: Halo 3 Legendary Edition

Man, all I gotta say is I must have some kimchi flavored horseshoes kicking around because I keep on winning these sweet contests! Think back to my 512mb USB flash drive courtesy of Stephen Fung. That was pretty neat. Then, I also won a copy of a 7 Winning Strategies By Trading Forex courtesy of John Chow. Well, my last minute Halloween entry into Leo Chiang's Halo 3: Legendary Edition giveaway has turned out to be the coolest one yet.

After lunch at Pho Lan (and smelling like it afterwards), Leo handed me my coveted prize. I didn't realize how large the box was when I got it. But anyways, I am grateful to Leo for putting on the contest and drawing my name--thanks dude, lol! There is a funny part to this story. A long time ago (it's been almost 3 months) Leo sent me some really cool tshirts, under the assumption that I would be posting pictures of them online (today is the day). One had a London Drugs logo (I requested this--so random) and the other was from his own personal line of urban fight wear, Exit Gear.

If you're a big fan of the UFC and MMA, then you have to check out Leo's blog as he does an excellent job of summarizing the major fight nights with some good analysis. Once again, thanks for the contest Leo. What do I need to win next? An XBOX 360 of course to play Halo 3!!

So this is how it feels like to live the life of a square-head...

"Anyone can enter a ring...it's how you EXIT that counts!" This is my philosophy towards solving the mystery of not smelling like pho after eating it. Note to self: wear old dirty clothes next time!

London Drugs: the place where you can find everything--including Ed Lau:


Anonymous said...

What the...why the hell did Leo give you a LD t-shirt? That's like a punishment...

Gary said...

I requested it a while back, to fulfill my dream of becoming part of the London Drugs empire...haha

Orchid said...

Hey gdog,

Congrats on your wih! With all that excitement, i thought you already own an XBOX! :-P

What are you waiting for...go get one.

Anonymous said...

Ed can make one of those Xbox 360's fall off the back of the LD truck :lol:

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