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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Eating Beard Papa's Fresh'n Natural Cream Puffs

Everybody loves dessert and sweets, right? Well, if you ever venture into Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, as "Asian" mall, you will find one of the hottest franchises that have touched upon the shores of Vancouver. Some of you may have already heard of this chain, especially you foodies out there. It's called Beard Papa's, the makers of "fresh'n natural cream puffs" or also "The World's Best Cream Puffs".

The franchise started in 1999 in Japan. Since then, its popularity has exploded and there are now over 300 locations around the world, including stores in China, Hong Kong, Korea (I don't know where the location is--someone fill me in), Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, and others. The location at Aberdeen Center has been constantly busy, with long line ups on the weekends. We were lucky enough to find the Beard Papa's location without a line up during the week. Let's take a closer look to see just how good these cream puffs really are.

Here's the front of the Beard Papa's location...right at the top of the escalator leading to the food court:

There was a mini line up, which was pretty surprising because the past few times we visited Aberdeen the line ups were absolutely atrocious--the lengths some people go to for a cream puff! It reminded me of the line ups outside the Cino's Cheesecake locations in Seoul. Notice how there is a 2 dozen limit...TWO DOZEN! Who the heck can eat two dozen cream puffs? I hope it comes with a stomach pump!

Even though the line ups are long, they do move relatively fast. One person pumps the whipped cream custard into the cream puffs, then another sprinkles icing sugar, then another helps box the cream puffs and work the register. It's just one long assembly line...

So let's take a closer look. Their cream puffs are larger than normal and there is a lot of filling. I think after eating one, you are done for the next few hours.

After taking my first bite, I do have to say these Beard Papa's cream puffs are damn good! The pastry has a crunchy outer shell yet once you bite into the middle it's soft and flaky. The custard cream filling is chilled, creamy, and has a nice hint of vanilla flavor. Although it was really good, I don't think these things are going to help your waistline!

Here's a rare sight...no line up outside Beard Papa's in Richmond!

Just what the heck is behind the Beard Papa story? Click here to watch the full story...

As you've probably noticed, I haven't much time to update my blog as I've been really busy lately. The last time I told you about our travel plans that included NYC, London, and Dubai. However that has recently changed gears as I recently got hired to work with one of the school districts in Vancouver! So that means we'll be settling down here for now. ;) Don't worry as I will continue to keep the updates coming, but I'm not going to post randomness for the sake of posting. Laters!


Leo said...

Huh, as much as I hate Richmond I may just have to visit Beard Papa's. I like the typical weird translated name though ;)

Gary said...

It was pretty damn good for a cream puff, worth a visit. Just don't wait in line though...cuz that's a waste of time! Today was pretty scary on the snowy roads of Richmond...snow just makes an already bad situation worse!!

Orchid said...

Congratulations on securing your new job Gdog!

Anonymous said...

Will you be teaching young kids, or will you be an official cuisine sampler for the school districts?

Gary said...

Orchid: Thanks. :)

John: How'd you guess? Yup, I'll be the official taste-tester of the junkfood they sell in vending machines all across the land!

I got a job as a teacher on call with on the school districts here. :)

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