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Monday, 10 December 2007

Finger Skateboards: Coming to a Classroom Near You

Sometimes you spot the neatest or weirdest things when you're teaching English in Korea. It could be a box cutters for kids, clumped up Pepero sticks, and middle school stress. I've been waiting to post the following videos of the latest fad (maybe it's old school now) that was hitting up my classrooms. What am I talking about? None other than "finger skateboards"!

I had so many kids bring these things into class. Just a regular skateboard that could be manipulated by your index and middle finger. Kids were doing jumps and and all sorts of crazy stuff. The skateboards reminded me of the pink skateboard that came with Kermit the Frog that McDonald's gave out 20 years ago (anyone remember that thing?). Anyways, check out some of the tricks below...

Video 1:

Video 2

Video 3

Man, now I know how the rest of you feel out there that have morning jobs! Today I got called and worked my first shift, it was a half day in a grade one class--which started at 1pm! The kids were pretty interesting so it was a good day overall. One kid told me he couldn't do his work because he felt like "he was dying" and that he "needed to go to a hospital to get brain surgery"...nice try kid! I've heard those ones before...LOL

More updates to come! How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Which school are you working at?

Anonymous said...

those things were popular in US when i was in middle school... so like 7 years ago

Orchid said...

Gdog, you do have a lot of backlogged entries and unpublished photos and videos from your Korea teaching experience. =)

Are you planning a trip back to Seoul or any other part of Korea soon? Or will you go there on a holiday in future?

Gary said...

Anonymous: I'm teaching for a local school district back home--not in Korea.

Orchid: No immediate plans to return to Korea right now, as I'm focusing on teaching back home at the moment. ;)

Leo said...

You should have told the kid that he was just going to die and you'd take his stationary supplies when he goes.
It's fun to make children cry.

Natasha said...

Hey congratulations on your job! You probably got some great feedback from teaching in Korea, eh? Which lucky school got you?

Anonymous said...

My son played with those in elementary school years ago. It's a fad that didn't last long.

Anonymous said...

I've got one of those, too. :D But I don't play with it. It's just parked right beside my screen.

I like your blog. Let's exchange links! :) Just leave me a message with your link details and i'll add you up. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These have been around for a long time. A fad, i dont think so. I had one in the 90's and my son now has about 20 or so. I dont think they are going away anytime soon.


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