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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Watch Full Streaming TV Shows Online For Free

Wow, this has probably been one of the longest stretches without an update to the blog. I've worked everyday this week so I'm no longer sitting at home surfing the internet all day (and night, haha). Anyways, I just stumbled across something that might help all those TV junkies in South Korea right now (and Canadians as well).

As you are probably aware, all the major US networks now stream full length TV shows on their websites. However, this is limited to residents of the US, so if you're elsewhere, you're SOL (Google if you don't know what it means), unless you know how to circumvent this problem (yes, I'm speaking to all you computer nerds out there).

Sure, you can download the shows using Bit Torrent but that takes a while. TVLinks has been shut down. To bypass this, you need to "hide" your IP so you can access the full streaming shows from FOX, CBS, ABC, MTV, etc...how to do this?

First, download the HotSpot Shield from Anchorfree.com ...install it...and that's it! You're ready to go. Now your websurfing is also "anonymous" for that extra added security. This program creates a mini virtual private network (VPN) for you, enabling you access to full length TV shows. Time to burn away a weekend when it's -15 degrees in Seoul!

1. Download the HotSpot Shield and install.
2. Visit any major network website, either FOX, CBS, ABC, MTV, etc...
3. Grab your favorite snack (aka a bowl of kimchi) and enjoy.

Here is a screenshot of the toolbar that you can close easily...yes, that is an episode of Hell's Kitchen with that bloody bloke Gordon Ramsay...did any see the season finale? "You f***** PIG!"

You'll see a "toolbar" across your browser at first, but this can be closed. It's for advertising. There will be a small green icon in your taskbar showing you that the HotSpot Shield is working. Now you can enjoy your TV marathons of classics such as Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? and Kid Nation!


asdf said...

isn't it too slow? i can't even open a single webpage..

Gdog said...

asdf: I had no problems loading up shows on FOX along with the other major networks...give the other sites a try.

John from Daejeon said...

Thanks for the info. It sucks about TVLinks, but this works pretty good for watching current shows on the U.S. networks from here in South Korea if you aren't as connected as I am. Not only do I have a slingbox (slingmedia.com) connection back to a satellite and dvr back in the U.S., I've just added a hava (myhava.com) with the same set up.

Things were going great here until we had a freak accident and a very young student was killed. Things have been absolutely unreal and insane since.

Also, now people coming to teach in South Korea must go through the added time and expenses of interviewing at the nearest Korean embassy with a consul, a criminal records check, and a medical check as well as documenting your diploma as well. I wonder if this will affect hagwons in their never ending quest to hire English native language teachers. I know I would probably not have jumped through all these hurdles to come over here.

Is lady Gdog also working or is she preparing for the wedding?

jonathan in florida said...

hey, i learned about tv-links through your blog, subsequently watched a bunch of stuff on there and was distressed when they got raided, but as you know nature abhors a vacuum, so here's some alternatives: www.alluc.org or www.nabolister.com

both of these sites seem to work pretty well for me...

Gdog said...

John: Jeez, you sure are prepared to get all your shows...SlingBox must be nice to have in Korea! Sorry to hear about the freak accident--what happened?

jon in Florida: thanks for both of those links. I was only familiar with alluc.org ;)

Gabriel J Allison said...

Awesome...now I can watch streaming videos from netflix again!

Anonymous said...

bunch of crap it gave me a virus. :(

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