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Thursday, 24 April 2008

April Update...What's Been Going On...

Hey everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? Yes, we are still alive and well. Things have been really busy back home! The month of April has almost come and gone, and this month has been smokin' busy for the both of us.

I've been working pretty much full time as a teacher on call here in Vancouver. It's been a lot of fun so far, and the students have been awesome. I think teaching is my calling card--I enjoy the students and they laugh at my silly jokes! ;) Lately I've been working in a Grade 3 class. These students I must say are a great age group to work with. Still so keen and eager to learn!

This month it was also my mom's birthday near the beginning of the month. Happy birthday mom! Check out this mango birthday cake:

Stuffing my face full in Richmond has become a sport it seems. Everywhere you go there is always some restaurant or eatery where you can find a great deal (just watch out for some of the drivers, LOL). The following meal was from Ginger and Garlic on No.3 Road. Beef steak (it tasted like beef at least) and three pork satay skewers, along with Borshe soup and a drink for under $8!

I just started playing volleyball down by Jerico Beach on a team with my brother and some of his friends. Note to the wise: playing in barefeet on wet sand in mid April will result in frozen feet. Here's an awesome Mexican meal I had from Mexi Cali afterwards--a beef redondo, mexifries, and a lime slushy for $6 tax included!

We had time this month to make a run for the border--Washington State that is! We went down to the Seattle Premium Outlets to do some shopping. I frickn love shopping in the USA! Two pairs of shoes, jeans, and multiple shirts later satisfied my shopping needs. Of course, what is a road trip to the USA without a run to Taco Bell? It just tastes better in the US!

Here's a picture from our wait at the Peace Arch on the way back...we had no problems at Customs which was awesome!

So there you have it folks...a tiny update on what's been happening in our lives. Now that you have scoops on us, what going on in your life? I know many of you still follow my blog, which is super cool. Leave me a note in the comments!


Anonymous said...

So how rich are you getting off of blogging? About ready to retire?

John from Daejeon

Gary said...

Hey John, good to see you're still alive and well. Yes, I've been retired and living in the Caribbean for the past few months, hence the lack of update. ;) How you doin?

Mrs.W said...

Hello there;
My boyfriend and I continue to follow your blog. We also spent a year teaching in Seoul (July 2005-July 2006). We really enjoyed your blog as it brought back so many fun memories of Korea. And we could also really relate to some of the postings! We too are in the process of being first time home owners which is exciting! Congrats to you and yours on the big purchase=) Still enjoy reading your blog hope the postings continue well into the future!
P.S. Do you ever get the urge to go back to Korea?

Anonymous said...

wow, look at that TACO! haha, you guys seem to be living the good life. Good luch to you guys!!

dokebi said...

Hi, I started my own blog - flavcorn.blogspot.com

Your blog posts never get boring - even if I came here for the 1st time a long ago for Korea-related blogs

I linked your blog as 1 of good links about Korea. Keep it up! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! My wife is Korean and we went to Seoul, Kyung-Ju and Pusan in 2003. This makes me want to go back!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have seriously thought about teaching in Korea. Maybe one day... What is it really like for African Americans there?

Anonymous said...

I'm (), VietNam

I like this blog is so cool

Anyway, It's nice to see your blog

God Bless you

Thanks for sharing. Again

Anonymous said...

Hey gdog,

I enjoy reading about life after Korea and I plan to visit next year.

Also, I love your blogs about cheap places to eat with good food. I live in Vancouver and work in Richmond so your visits give me more places to check out.


Music&SportsLuvr said...

I love the blog!
The korean food is making me so hungry!!!!
Visit my blog when you can!
Do you have a following button?

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