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Monday, 19 May 2008

BBQ Season Starts with my Weber Q 300 Grill!

Ahh, the joys of Spring in Vancouver means...RAIN! Well, it has felt that way for the longest time, but this past long weekend we were blessed with some of the hottest and sunniest weather we've had to date! What makes hot and sunny weather even better? If you guessed a "slip and slide", try again. If you said barbeque...now you're talking!

We recently moved into a condo and with that came a nice sized deck, enough room for me to fit my new Weber Q 300 barbeque! This bad boy retails for $399CDN or so, but I managed to pick it up for half the price used on Craigslist--and the unit was in excellent condition. This bbq sure does beat the el cheapo' $49 mini propane bbq I was using in Victoria. The conclusion is that cast iron grills are bad ass and will sear like no tomorrow!

This is something I definitely missed while I was in Korea--barbequing in the summer. Well, I did eat barbecue all year round in Korea, but it's not the same when it's only cuts of galbi and samgyeopsal! I'm talking big juicy steaks and burgers, too bad that would've cost about a few billion won in Korea!

Anyways, here are a few pics of some BBQ action. Too bad I've been sick during the past few days and I'm currently on antibiotics (drugs are awesome), but hey, I still got to do some grillin! muahahhaha!

Take at look at the grill marks on these top sirloin steaks:

Some grilled prawns were also on the menu:

I had some bacon in the fridge, so I grilled that too! The cool thing about the Weber Q 300 is that there is a opening at the bottom of the bbq which allows juices to drip down into an aluminum tray. I love this thing.

...and here's our table set for four people (Devante's brother and his girlfriend came over for the long weekend):

Okay let's move onto the next day, BBQ action round 2. I just so happened to visit Costco the day before and pick up some Angus Beef burgers there were on sale. These frozen bad boys are some of the juiciest (and high in fat!) frozen burgers you'll ever have. You gotta try them out, seriously! I've eaten three burgers in two days. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go jog for 50 miles, so my heart doesn't stop.

Of course, being the genius that I am I cooked the rest of the bacon for breakfast, which didn't leave me any bacon for my burgers. At least I had some cheddar cheese! Oh well, a Bullseye BBQ sauce cheeseburger was just as good:

Anyways, as you can see good food gets me going and it also motivates me to post on this blog. Hope everyone out there is still alive and kicking! Maybe next time I'll save you a burger or two. ;)


Unknown said...

Have you no hart? What came over you? We are sitting here in good old Korea where that piece of meat, if you can get someone go cut it for you like that, will cost, oh about 1 million won (maybe less). What I wouldn't give for that meat.

Hey! Is that US or Australian beef? Wait, why am I worried? I don't have the genetic profile to be in danger ;)

Anonymous said...

Now i am very hungry

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!!!! Glad to see you through some Shrimp on the Barby! ;)

Phantom said...


Great site! All the food is making me hungry! Can you put a link to my site on yours? It's about Korean unification!


jaret said...

Sup Gdog.
This is off-topic to your post. I have been following your blog since I started dating a Korean 1.5 years ago. It helped me a lot of what to expect of Korea from a Canadian (like myself). Now we are getting married and I am in Seoul, Korea for a couple of months visiting her family and touring around. Your blog inspired me to start my own to document experiences for others to enjoy. You can check it out at: http://www.thechroniclesofkimchi.blogspot.com/ .


Anonymous said...

Hi ur blog is so interesting... Care to ask u some questions but i dont have any email?

Phantom said...

A BBQ at your place! That sounds terrific! I'll be there!!

My blog about Korean unification is growing, and I was wondering if you'd care to put a link to it on your page!


Great BBQ and reunification go together!

Anonymous said...

That pictures made me very, very hungry! They look really delicious!

Anonymous said...

Teaching in Korea for 1 year or perhaps other countries

I have some additional questions that I hope you can take the time to address. I also hope you are not overwhelmed with emails on this subject, so a canned response is fine.

Read a few blogs and this site as well:
The sections on Contracts (better bring a voice recorder) and on Housing were most interesting. Housing seem outrageous due to the population with housing costing more than the salary and without furniture. And the section called "SHORT-TERM USCISTITUTES" was crazy.

Also saw this: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobs/korea/

Bad experience by a person is listed here: http://www.geocities.com/xerexes/ESL3.html

I am a 50 year old male who lives in North Carolina.
BS-Computers, MBA-Business, no teaching degree. 20 years career experience.
Clean health but allergies and sensitive stomach, financial records. No criminal record as I have seen some people have who have looked at such positions.

Was thinking of applying to the Aclipse corporation regarding teaching English in Korea however:
-I am open to other and perhaps better firms that might help place people for 1 year.
-Also open to other countries.

1. Would like to know the average pay, are all housing expenses covered, is food covered, transportation, safety concerns, crime, etc...?

How much money is left over after the above including some entertainment, taxes, etc...

2. What are the gotchas to look out for in a company b4 I were to hypothetically go (in terms of treatment, working hours, living conditions, any withholding of pay, high expense, health treatment, shots b4 travel)?

3. What are things to really watch out for once I get there?

4. Any other Pro's/Con's, things hardest to get used to?

5. Would you do this over again, pick another placement company that treats people/pays better, pick another country, etc...

6. Do you have to pay taxes in Korea or in the US on this money earned?

7. Friendliness of people to help you, things to do when not working or are you always preparing for the next day and or working over-time without pay?

8. Decent non shared apartment with hot water that does not run out, non shared bathroom, clean and adequate (not too small) living quarters with separate bedroom?

9. Entertainment: Do they receive English TV stations? I believe Internet (I have a laptop and would go wireless or buy a router) is not an issue as I read it is fully wired.
Other outside entertainment or movies, parks, fishing, boating, whatever-just making things up....

10. What is best way to call home-GSM cell phone (ATT) or some perhaps a shop that specializes in making global calls (they have those in Mexico)?

11. Finally. Sorry. Penalty for leaving early b4 one year is up?

A lot of questions I know but I truly
thank you very much for your time.


Anonymous said...

I hope I don't overdose on the same types of food once I finish my contract in August.

Right now, I'm trying to find someone to replace me, so my boss doesn't have to fork over all that money to a recruiter. It's quite the pain.

John, still in Daejeon

Anonymous said...

now i'm hungry! very tempting meal...

Anonymous said...

wow ....
i think im hungry now....!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

my eyes was full..burf

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