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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Blog World Expo 2008 Contest Entry Take 2

For those who have been following my blog still, you may remember my previous contest entry to win a full pass to the 2008 Blog World Expo from the notorious panda killer, John Chow. Well, unfortunately I didn't hit the jackpot that time, but here we go again. Enter Blog World Expo 2008 contest entry, take 2!

Zac Johnson is going to part of probably going to complete one of the most EPIC panels ever at Blog World Expo 2008. You're not going to find a bigger star-studded line up of bloggers and marketers then the likes of John Chow, Jim Kukral, Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, and Brian Clark. These guys can afford lots of luxury goods I tell ya!

Why Do I Want to Attend Blog World Expo in Las Vegas?

I want to attend the Expo for a variety of reasons. Attending the Blog World Expo will allow me to meet so many of these influential bloggers and marketers whose advice I've been following all this time. It's through the help of people such as Zac Johnson, John Chow, Darren Rowse, and Shoemoney that have helped inspire my blogging aspirations. Their models for positive success has helped me achieve my own through my other blog, iPhoneinCanada.ca!

Moreover, I have already booked my flight/hotel to the Expo and I am excited to visit Las Vegas for the first time. I managed to book an Exhibit-only pass at Blog World. If I won this full conference pass it would definitely be the icing on the cake!

Winning this pass would enable me to witness history in the making by listening to some of my online mentors speak about what they love to do best! I'm also looking forward to meeting the Unique Blog Designs crew that helped design my iPhone blog too!

Hopefully this entry explains why I want to attend the Blog World Expo 2008. Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas, thanks for the contest, Zac!


JY said...

You inspired me to start a blog. It's gonna have a lot of food pics.

Gary said...

Nice! It's so easy to blog about what you eat!

Anonymous said...

hey gdog!

off-topic, but just wanted to say hello!
i have just arrived in korea (daejeon), and have found ur blog quite interesting. just wish I had landed up here a little earlier, that would have helped me pack my bags better! :)


Peace said...

Hi, I'd like to send you an email but don't see your address. Can you tell me where it is on the page or post it here? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, On your profile you say we can send email, but I can't find your address. Can you please let me know? Thanks. Great blog!

Unknown said...

Hi: I had a few question for you regarding teaching in Korea. I'm a Chinese Canadian. Just wanted your thoughts regarding ethnicity. Couldn't find your email. so here is mine: jamez@rogers.com
Hope to hear from ya. Cheers.

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