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Thursday, 6 November 2008

I Bought a New MacBook!

Hey folks! Yes, I am still alive and well. Things have been busy at home so I haven't had much time to update the blog. But I recently did something very significant in terms of updating my computer collection: I bought a Mac!

I was waiting patiently for Apple to update their MacBook line up and I'm glad I did. I ended up picking up a 13" aluminum base model and I've been loving it! Using OS X was a bit weird at first, but I quickly picked up the differences after using Windows for the past 15 years!

I am happy to say that I will never have to format and reinstall XP ever again. What a great feeling to be liberated from the grips of Microsoft. It's really unfortunate that I never did get the chance to experience the wonderful upgrade in Vista. /sarcasm

Anyways, here is a pic for your enjoyment. If you have any applications you can recommend or good sites to visit, let me know! Until then, I'm happily enjoying my new MacBook to go along with my iPhone 3G. Does this qualify me as an Apple fan boy yet? ;)


lowlight said...

It's interesting how Apple fanboys are the ones who complain about "the grips of Microsoft" yet end up buying thousands of dollars worth of Apple products... You have gone from the "grips" of one company (who aren't even allowed to use their OS to sell their other products) to the "grips" of one that is even worse... Funny!

Gary said...

Yeah, but at least I like the products I'm spending my money on from Apple--that's the difference.

With Windows XP, the OS is a piece of junk and many other people agree too. I wouldn't even want copies of XP/Vista if they were given to me as gifts! They would make great coasters though. ;)

One day...you will switch to Mac...ONE DAY!! :p

Anonymous said...

That mac book looks amazing! The aluminum base model speaks wonders to compliment those black buttons. Good investment.

Anonymous said...

I love the new mac books! The aluminum base model with the black buttons speak beautifully complimenting the laptop. You made a great investment.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a teacher living in Seoul. I just stopped by and saw you have a new mac! Welcome to the world of Apple. I got one before I left and wonder why I did not get one sooner!
Anyway, nice blog!


Here is my web page if you want to check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hey GDog, I would recommend not using Boot Camp, and instead using Parallels (if you're going to use Windows apps at all anymore). Parallels Desktop lets you run a windows environment concurrent to the MacOS environment, whereas BootCamp makes you reboot into one or the either...
Congrats on your new Mac-dom.
Personally, walking into an Apple Store gives me a chubby...

THE EAST said...

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Mark Eaton said...

I think you will enjoy the Mac!

Anonymous said...

Hi,you and Paola!
It's Jenny in Korea.
I'm terribly sorry that I haven't
been in touch with you.
As you guess, I have been super
busy working at school and home.
I have been pretty exhausted.
It has been too crazy to find time to write to you for a while.
I hope you still remember me.^^
Take it easy and talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It should be a nice experience. Where are you from? I lived last year in Canada to learn English and I met too many koreans studying there.

I met some Canadians and Americans who are going to Korea teaching Englhish there. Anyway, travel is always nice... so whenever you go enjoy your trip!

Portal Meio Aéreo

Anonymous said...

Just read your post on the Mac - we are windows users but have also just invested in a Mac book - beautiful! I can see why Mac users are so fond of their kit.
Splendid Speaking

Anonymous said...

Good…….. No I should say very well.
Blog really containing a meaningful. Keep it up.

Nazrun Azhari said...

I want one.. but already have the previous version...

Christian said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple! My life has dramatically improved, not having to reinstall Windows every six months.

I switched to a Mac 5 yrs ago after working at the Apple Store in SOHO. I can wholeheartedly say that Apple is a solid company who regard their customers with dignity, but not only their customers but also their employees! After getting kicked out of Apple, Steve Jobs really grew in character and was invited back, making it what it is today.

Anonymous said...

Nice one :)

They are great machines.

Im getting a new Mac Book Pro next week.


voiceofbragg said...

I have a Mac and I love it...it has taken me a few to get going on it, i am not sad about it..

Anonymous said...

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I don't usually go around handing out website info...but believe it or not this is for a grade...so please help out by clicking the url link~

Anonymous said...

cool, am still saving for my macbook. enjoy ur new earned jewel.

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh. i am planning to leave to teach in korea soon. i goggled blogs on teaching in korea and found yours. what's funny is that i plan to buy a mac book with my second check. lol congrats

Anonymous said...

i also want to get a macbook

Gary said...

The MacBook has been solid so far. I would highly recommend using a Mac since I used to a dedicated Windows user. Goodbye Microsoft, hello Apple!

Orchid said...

Smart move Gdog! Enjoy your MAC!!!

lemuel said...

Hey there. I stumbled upon your page through a google search.... I'm trying to fond out if I can use my iPhone 3g when I move to Seoul later this month. I'll be teaching English. Last time I was there I used a Korean phone....now I can't imagine giving up my iPhone for a regular mobile. Noticed you mentioned having one yourself. Were you able to/have you been able to use it in Korea? If so please inform... I'm at lemuelodell@gmail.com. Leaving for Korea in the next couple of weeks.... Thanks. Lemuel.

Anonymous said...

I am teaching english in korea and am looking to buy a mac book, however I want it to be in english! and all the programs in english also. Do you know where I can get one at??!!

Thank you! Tina

cat said...

be entertained

Anonymous said...

i bought one too ^^ its soooo quiet~

Anonymous said...

Well done! I'm sure you won't go back to Piece of Crap ^.^ from Mac lover :)

maimai said...

Did you buy your laptop in korea? I'm going to be teaching there..I leave in a month. But I really want to buy a new one, but I was going to wait till I have more money, so that was what I was going to do with my first pay check. let me know..!!

Anonymous said...

apple sucks

Gary said...

MAi: nope, I bought it in Canada. You can buy Macs in Korea though.

Anonymous: Thanks!

Glenn said...

I bought a macbook myself in September. My last notebook was a nightmare, and I learned a hard lesson about payless less up front and more over time. I can't see myself ever going back to windows.

Having said that, here's a cool tip. If you look around you can find vmware fusion and a 'virtual xp' machine, you can run full blown windows as a program on your mac.

It comes in handy for me because I still occasionally need to use programs like haansoft office and my teaching CD's are all windows programs. Just look around some sites and you can find it easily! Hope that's a helpful tip.


MedFuji said...

hi, i was passing away when i saw your topic about a happy feeling of leaving Microsoft products and buying a Mac one,
I'm happy for you, but, i just want to inform you that, nowadays, Mac book has no differences from a normal PC, first, if your problem is the soft, i mean, the operating system, so, Linux based systems are here, and most of them free of charge (shipping included like ubuntu), if your problem is the hard side, so, Mac now are equipped with Intel micro processors just like PC's, finally, Mac book and PC are similar, if you worry about the operating system, so , you just have to commend one free of charge, this is for all persons that think that Mac are different from PCs (if you want to contact me for more informations, so you're welcome medfujig@gmail.com)

davidwonjung said...

I just bought a macbook recently

Here is some software I recommend:

Scrivener: a better word processor, instead of investing in word and becoming further tied to windows try out the free version

gimp: free photoshop like photo editing and creating app

Kindle for Mac: a nice way to read ebooks

Transmit: FTP file uploader to your web server

Here are some cool tricks you can do on mac os x

-hold control when minimizing a window

-control-option-command-8 inverts the colors. It looks awesome.

-open up terminal and type "say" then type whatever you want and then press enter. Your mac will speak everything you write.

Best Buy PLR said...

Still liking your MAC book or ready to switch to an iPad?

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