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Sunday, 30 July 2006


Ok, check it out, check it out, check it out...time out. Who here loves Costco? I do! Now, there are six Costco stores in Korea and it just so happens that one store is located 12 minutes away from our place by bus!

Murf, one of the local teachers here (and a fellow Canadian) was nice enough to show us how to get there. When we did arrive, the sight of the Costco logo on the side of the warehouse put a smile on my face (come on, everybody loves Costco)!

Inside, most of the products were tailored to the Korean market, but there were lots of products that I recognized from the Costco back home. The store layout was identical, but this store had two levels.

Now to the best part, the food court! Back home, everybody is familiar with the $1.99, all beef, 1/4 lb Costco hot dog and a pop deal. Well, here it is in Korea:

We've decided to start cooking at home (who wants to start an office pool on how long this will last?) and picked up some groceries. Does this look familiar?

We also bought some cheese (2lbs for $8), cereal and bread:

The memberships here in Korea are much cheaper than back home. Regular memberships cost 33000w whereas back home they are $55cdn+tax! So it's a savings of over $20cdn. My membership expires soon, so I will be renewing it here. What a deal! muhahahah! ;)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the sharing brother! I'm looking forward to shopping at Costco Korea.

Anonymous said...

this made me chuckle, i'm new to your blog but it seems interesting! i thought the salmon was funny, we have the same kind at home...that salmon is realllly good for sandwiches. (not recommended to bring to work)

Anonymous said...

A Canadian teacher I know ended up going back from Japan to Korea, partly because of the lack of CostCo access here.

TEFLtastic blog- www.tefl.net/alexcase

Unknown said...

Man, reading your blogs made me nostalgic about back home. I am a Korean guy living in Boston. And I think you should admit that Costco in Korea is much bigger and better than those in the USA. I've been there this summer in Korea and it was just a joy staying there for a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

Great blog u have , will Costco far from the subway station? Hmm wonder if they sell brands like adidas cheap there? haha

Johanna Umana said...

Do they have FAT FREE milk there?

And do you know if I can use my membership from home? It hasn't expired yet.

Gary said...

anonymous: yes, the costco I went to was very close to the subway station.

Jo: yes you vsn use your membership from home! Keep in mind it is much cheaper to renew your membership in Korea! It is about 35000w for one year!

Anonymous said...

The problem is, it's a Korean Costco - Korean notions of "customer service" and Korean practices of stocking and inventory. So, you might see something there one time, but it's gone the next, and it's a mystery as to when it will show up again. The staff is simply unwilling to enlighten a customer beyond saying (and I'm sure it took a long time for them to learn this line), "That item is out-of-stock (yes, in all stores) and the order is pending".
Why would a business wait until all stores are out of something (if that's really the case) and be unable to say (even approximately)when the pending order will be fulfilled?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What is the address of Costco in Pusan Korea, please email me at

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

About 3 weeks ago, I found out that there was a costco near my house. I already went there two times. The first time I went because I wanted to see if it was the real deal and being at costco made me feel like I was back in the U.S. The second time I went there to eat the hotdog and it was exactly the same. The hotdog at costco near my house is still a $1.50. I love costco hotdogs.

Unknown said...


We are The Viet Thai International Joint Stock Company (VTI), a leadership coffee company in manufacture, retails coffee shop chain and distribution business with ownerships of Highlands coffee brand.

Would you please give me e-mail or mobile phone number of person in charge of coffee.

Thank you very much!!

Lauren Zuckermann said...

what bus # did you take to get the costco near mokdong? I live between mokdong and omokgyo stn so I think its super close I just don't know which bus to take! your help would be greatly appreciated...i'm looking forward to buying a HUGE block of costco cheese :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are soon coming to Korea for work. I am sooooo excited to see your post and see the products! Being Oregonians through and through I can not tell you how excited we were to see TILLAMOOK CHEESE!! Thanks!

Tefl Jobs said...

That's great that Costco is in Korea! Hopefully they stock some of my favorite items from back home.


Anonymous said...

from the road next to the Emart by Omokgyo, you can take any bus east towards yeongdeungpo. Get of at Kyobo Life insurance. Cross the street and walk back west a little. The bus stop in front of Pizza Etang has the 7612 and 5612 which go a few stop from there (Yangnamdong Rotary) to Costco. The way back, cross the street from costco and catch the 7612 back to Yangnamdong Rotary (Kyobo Life Insurance stop again). Then you cross the street again and catch the 650, 6628, 6629, 6630, 6211, towards Omokgyo.

Or the subway to Yeongdeungpo Gu-Chang(Office) and look for the costco sign by the station (post office up there). Theres an arrow down the road to costco. :)

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