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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Insadong...a nice tourist trap

So, after visiting Costco we took a 30 minute subway ride to Insadong, an art/antique district. It also a primary tourist trap but the area is really nice. We visited a nearby park (with Murf as our tour guide) that contained a pagoda originating from 1467!

I think these are monks marching down the street (correct me if I'm wrong):

Sex sells, and that is also the case in Korea. Here, product models are dressed up handing out plastic fans to every person on the street:

Here, they strike a pose for a photographer. I happened to be there. No, I did not purchase their Vitamin C supplement drink:

Walking to the top of an outdoor market:

View from the top:

Korean couples love to dress the same..."we're in love":

Delicious street food:

Insadong Culture Plaza

Look at the bamboo...it's beautiful:

Proclaimation of Korean Independence (this is inside a park):

Lots of people were here relaxing on a Sunday afternoon:

Some Korean seniors:

A fish pond:

A misc. flower macro shot:

Here is the 12m high pagoda from 1467, but restored in 1947:

This guy really wanted our picture...so we let him take one of us (notice the squat):

Here, I attempt to recreate the infamous "Asia squat"...it's like sitting down, but without a chair and not on the floor!

Ok, this picture is priceless. No, this fellow is not possessed; no, Devante did not beat him up; he is taking a nap and I happened to be there to capture this Kodak moment (maybe that position is good for his back):

More from Insadong here: a traditional tea house and more interesting sights


Al Nims Media said...

Hey, the pics were damn cool. I've had kimchi once in Bangalore, and it tasted divine!

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